10 Free Budget Templates That Will Help You Stop Stressing About Money

Do you want to take control of your finances? Using a monthly budget template is one of the easiest ways to manage your money. Start to think about your money month to month and begin to make a budget you can follow.


What are Budget Templates?

A budget template is a categorized way to look at where your money is allocated each month. The template provides an easy to follow format to help you manage your money. Monthly budget templates could be either electronic or paper and pencil.


How do Budget Templates Work?

Budget templates are easy and simple to use. Think about all of your monthly bills or where your monthly spending comes from.

As you begin to break down your monthly expenses, you are able to set your monthly price. By the end of the month, you should zero out from your money coming in.

Before you get started on using these monthly budget templates, make sure you know why it is so important to have a budget.

Shockingly many Americans do not budget out their money and find themselves either living paycheck to paycheck or in debt.

In order to live the financial life that you want you NEED to have a budget. Click here to learn exactly how to start a budget now. 



Best Monthly Budget Templates

1. FREE Simple Monthly Budget Template from The Savvy Couple

Simple Monthly Budget TrackerWe created this simple monthly budget template to get you started with budgeting. Make this printable budget sheet work for you by tailoring it your individual budget needs.

This is a tool we personally created after paying off $25,000 worth of debt in only 5 months. It has everything you need to start budgeting, save an emergency fund, and destroy your debt. 



2. Monthly Budget Template from Frugal Fanatic

Frugal Fanatic wants you to get a better grasp on your finances by using this budget template. I like this template because it is very simple to follow.

This printable budget sheet also allows for some expenses I might have looked over from my own budget.

Frugal Fanatic has a monthly expense category called Household Maintenance. We have a lot of items we put into our “other” category that would fit nicely into this category.


3. Similar Dave Ramsey Budget Envelope System from Frugal Mom eh!

If you follow Dave Ramsey and his envelope system, this printable is for you! This Dave Ramsey budget sheet has a beautiful color scheme.

I don’t know about you, but it makes budgeting feel more fun and relaxed! Check out Elizabeth’s labels and envelope designs.


4. Printable Monthly Budget from Calizfornia

One reason I love Google is because of Google Docs. Very similar to Microsoft Word, but you can have access to it from anywhere, even on your phone.

Elizabeth over at Calizfornia created this awesome Google Doc for a simple printable budget sheet. You can customize the budget categories to match your expenses and either print it or edit it online!


5. Family Budget Worksheet from A Mom’s Take

Bright, colorful, and clean family budget worksheet. This printable budget sheet not only has your monthly expenses, it also has a large section for long-term planning and investments.

Many budget printables forget about this aspect of budgeting, but it is crucial to plan for the future and retirement.

If you download one and it doesn’t work for you, come back and try another one next month. Budget worksheet printables will help you start to track your expenses and get your finances under control!


Best Online Budgeting Sites

Maybe you are not a pencil and paper kind of person and you want to be able to budget your money using an online budget site.

There are both free and paid websites to help you budget your money.

These websites allow you to look at your finances from month to month and then yearly outcomes as you keep using the software.


6. Personal Monthly Budget using Mint (FREE)

Mint budgeting app screenshot of expense categories

Kelan and I use Mint and Personal Capital to budget our money. We have been with Mint since March of 2013.

Imagine all the data we can go back and track over the years to really fine-tune our budget each month.

Mint just updated their software and the new interface is SO user-friendly.

Another great thing I love about Mint is their app I have downloaded on my phone. I am able to easily check before I walk in the grocery store how much is left for the month for groceries.


7. Simple Budget Planner using Personal Capital (FREE)

Personal Capital retirement fee analyzer screen shotPersonal Capital is another great free online budgeting tool to use to track your monthly and yearly finances.

We also have been using Personal Capital for a long time but mostly for cash flow, investments, retirement, and net worth. Our favorite feature is being able to project our potential retirement account depending on the different factors we put in.

Chasing financial independence and being able to retire when and how we want is a goal of ours.


8. Dave Ramsey’s Budget Forms using Mvelopes  ($4/month)

Mvelopes budgeting app screen shots on an iPhone

If you love the concept of Dave Ramsey’s budget envelope system, than this is the online budget tool for you!

I love how you can open different “envelopes” to check on how much you have budgeted, funded, and spent. A digital take on the classic envelope system.


9. Monthly Budget Template using Every Dollar (FREE)

EveryDollar budgeting website and app screenshot

Every Dollar has the most monthly budget template look to a printable. The feel is very clean and organized. A crucial aspect of managing your money; financial organization!

The mobile app also allows maintaining that organization on the go with your mobile device.


10. Why You Need A Budget using YNAB ($6.99/month)

YNAB total spending overview screenshot

Completely worth the $6.99 a month to take control of your finances over on YNAB.

You can break down your finances over the span of multiple months, as shown above, to see how much of your money is being spent. I love the circle graph and the break down in percents.

It really shows you what you can work on decreasing in your monthly budget.


Bonus: Microsoft Office Budget Templates

If you like going old school and using Microsoft Office to budget your money then look no further!

Microsoft has a variety of options to fit all your budgeting needs. From personal family budgets, monthly budget templates, holiday budget templates, budget calculators, and even wedding budget trackers, they have plenty of free options to use. 

Whether you are using one of the printable budget templates or an online personal budget form, you can not go wrong. You are budgeting! That is all that matters because you took a first step to managing your money.