14 Genius Black Friday Hacks That You Need To Try This Year

The biggest shopping day of the year is almost here. Are you ready? The hype for Black Friday 2018 is already in full-force as the deals have already started rolling in.

Do you know that shopping on Black Friday can actually save you a TON of money when done right?

Below we provide our best shopping hacks to help you take full advantage of this year’s Black Friday deals.

1. Forget that it is even Black Friday!

This is the only shopping hack that will guarantee you a 100% savings on your purchases.

Seriously forget about the sales, everything is 100% off when you don’t buy it!

Focus on spending time with the family, playing games, or trying a new DIY project.

Obviously like a majority of American’s you probably plan on going out to take advantage of Black Friday deals. So let’s get started with them.

2. Check out the Black Friday Ads

A very important step to any Thanksgiving gathering.

We can’t be the only family that throws down all the newspaper ads on the living room floor for everyone to see.

This shopping hack is obvious but very important. Take some time to look through the ads and write down the items you might be interested in.

Next, do some research and see if the “sale” the retailers are promoting is actually a sale. Go online and check Amazon to see if you can find the item cheaper.

We have found Amazon is a great price comparison tool. Plus if you use some of these Amazon Hacks you can save a ton of money!

3. Make a list and stick to it

Retailers are notorious for getting shoppers to buy items they don’t need. When was the last time you walked into Target and only bought what you needed? #Impossible

Even grocery stores are good at doing this, why do you think the milk and eggs are all the way at the back of the store? It’s so you are forced to walk through almost every aisle and purchase things you don’t really need.

One of the best Black Friday 2017 hacks you can follow is making a shopping list and sticking to it.

Before the day write down all the people you are shopping for and what you plan on buying for them.

Once you get to those stores find those items and head to the checkout.

4. Set a Black Friday budget

This is a must so you don’t break the bank during this holiday season.

Have a set amount of money you are willing to spend and don’t go over it. A budget is a great way to keep track of your spending make sure you are not going out of control with all the Black Friday deals.

5. Create a travel route

After you have your list and budget in place it’s time to plan out your travel route.

Plan your route depending on distance, sales, time, etc. Having a travel plan will help you be as efficient as possible.

Additionally, plan your shopping trip based on your priority list and any time-specific deals. For example, if the cooking set you want is 70 percent off between 5 a.m. and 10 a.m., start your day at that store.

6. Scope it out beforehand

This Black Friday shopping hack is for the more hardcore shopper.

If you have time, scope out the stores you are planning on going to beforehand.

For example, if you are shopping at Target take some time the next time you are there to understand the layout of the store.

Call a day or two before Black Friday to ask what time the deals start, when you can get in line, and where the deals will be located in the store.

7. Grab the deals ahead of time

Did you know that you can shop ahead of time and still get the awesome savings?

Some credit card companies will reimburse you for the difference in cost (check with your credit card company).

The process is fairly simple. Purchase the item beforehand. Send in the receipt, sales ad, and claim form.

This is a great way to avoid the madness altogether and still take advantage of the deals.

You can check out Amazon’s Black Friday deals early, finding great deals online has never been easier! 

8. Prepare the night before

If you are planning on going all in on Black Friday 2017 it’s important to prepare ahead of time.

Lay out the warm clothing you are going to wear. Have your coffee prepared and ready to brew in the morning. Bring a camping chair to wait in line with.

These all sound like simple tasks, but they are important for getting your Black Friday shopping off to a great start.

The last thing you want to do is rush out the door in the morning and forget to pack extra clothing so you are freezing all day standing in lines.

9. Go to bed early

Pretty simple to do on Thanksgiving! After dinner, more than half our family is sawing wood on every couch available.

If you are planning on starting your Black Friday shopping early in the morning make sure you get a good night of sleep.

Grab a cat nap between dinner and the shopping madness.

A well-rested shopper is a much better shopper.

10. Bring the newspaper ads with you

A no-brainer right? Well, actually a bunch of Black Friday shoppers forget this.

Having the newspaper ads in hand is a great way to find the items as quickly as possible.

Walk right up to a holiday worker and point to the item you want in the ad and ask if they can help you find the item.

It’s by far the fastest way to get to the items you are interested in.

11. Stay calm stay focused

Each and every year you see a video on the news of shoppers going absolutely bonkers. Throwing punches, bulldozing workers, and acting like a zoo animals.

I don’t know about you, but I would want to avoid this type of behavior at all costs.

The holidays can be stressful by themselves. Add in crazy deals and sleep-deprived maniac shoppers and you are asking for trouble.

If you miss out on a deal you really wanted, move onto the next item on your list.

It’s not worth going to jail over missing a deal on Black Friday.

Seriously trust me! I worked as a Jail Deputy for two and a half years, it’s no place you want to be.

13. Go with family and friends

The best part of Black Friday shopping is going with your family and friends.

The few times I have actually gone with family and friends, the memories we created were the best part.

My fondest memory was sprinting through Sears going after a flat screen TV that was more than 50% off.

My mom was one of the last people to the electronic sections and still got one using the shopping hack above, showing the ad directly to a worker.

14. Have Fun!

The most important part; Black Friday should be a fun day to go out and try to get your hands-on some incredible deals.

Treat it like a treasure hunt searching for the best deals around.

Follow the shopping hacks above and your Black Friday 2017 will be the best Black Friday yet!

PS: Don’t forget that everything is 100% off when you don’t buy it in the first place. 

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What is the best Black Friday deal you have ever had?