15 Bathroom Cleaning Hacks So Easy They Will Make You WANT To Clean Your Bathroom

There is nothing worse than having to clean the bathroom. Am I right? Bathrooms can be gross & disgusting. The more people you have living in your house the faster it gets dirty. I absolutely rely on these bathroom cleaning hacks in order to make the cleaning process more efficient (and less traumatic)!

After reading through these bathroom cleaning hacks, you will never clean your bathroom the same way again. You will be working smarter, not harder so you can get to better things in life (like cleaning out the car, organizing, and tackling the rest of the house)!

(Joke, obviously!)

But in all seriousness, you very well might find yourself fighting with your spouse for who gets to clean the bathrooms, so you can leave the longer and harder chores to them while you finish working early and put your feet up to relax! 


Bathroom Cleaning Tools

There’s just no sense in diving into a cleaning task without first gathering all your supplies – you’ll keep getting interrupted by needing to go get something else, and make the task take much longer than necessary (and feel much more irritating). 

So what sort of tools and supplies do you need when cleaning your bathroom? Well, the complete list of needed supplies will depend on which of the bathroom cleaning tips below you’re using (we don’t need Spot-X for glass doors, for example, since we don’t have a glass shower door).

But as a general list, you’ll need the following: 

Round up all of your bathroom cleaning supplies before getting started to make this task go much faster.

The best way to save even more time is to create a “cleaning bucket” specifically for your bathrooms – keep all your brushes/tools, liquid cleaners, gloves, etc. in the bucket to just grab-and-go when you’re on your cleaning mission. 


Bathroom Cleaning Order

This is actually a lot more important than people think it is, so it’s worth stopping to talk about it quickly. 

Picture this:  you’ve got a dedicated sponge or cloth that you use to clean your bathrooms with. Then you send in your teenager, and they use it to clean and wipe under the toilet seat, then the lid, the handle, and finally the sink faucet. 

How clean do you suppose the faucet is now after that cloth just touched the toilet rim? Yuck. 

(I don’t think you’ll be brushing your teeth in that bathroom until it’s been re-cleaned.)

Depending on your bathroom layout, adopt a consistent top-to-bottom and left-to-right (or right-to-left) approach. Try following this order to make sure you’ve got everything cleaned in an efficient, sanitary order:

1. Take everything off the counters, remove any floor rugs, and clear the area. 

You’ll be using the concept of taking as many things out of the bathroom as you can, to start, and it won’t get put back in place until the thing itself has been cleaned (at the end). 

2. Vacuum, dust, clear any cobwebs, etc. 

This step is pretty important…unless of course, you enjoy getting hair and dust in your mop water. Don’t underestimate the dust that can build up on top of light fixtures, cabinets, and around the base of the toilet (especially behind it). Get a ladder if you have to for the cobwebs! 

3. Apply cleaners that need time to soak. 

If you’re using any hacks that require a set time for an easy wipe, apply those now, as applicable. This would include soaking a showerhead to remove the build-up, spraying a shower door, or maybe letting bleach/cleaner soak in a long-neglected toilet bowl. 

4. Start the top-down approach.

Give light fixtures a wipe with a microfiber cloth (and cleaner if needed), and clean the tops of any wall cabinets. Next, clean the mirror(s), anything at about shoulder level (towel racks, shelves, blinds, windows, etc). This way any dust you missed when vacuuming will fall downward. 

5. Follow up with the left-to-right approach. 

Whether your shower/tub is on the left or the right, that’s where you’ll start, and move across the room accordingly. 

Starting with the shower (the cleanest space in the room), clean from the showerhead to the walls to the tub/floor, again using that top-down technique. Scrub all surfaces as needed, and give the tub a final rinse with warm water when you’re fully finished. 

Continue across the bathroom doing a top-down clean on the sink/vanity, then the toilet (cleaning inside the bowl as the very last step). 

6. Replace all those removed items. 

Now that everything left IN the bathroom is clean, it’s time to return those little items to their proper place. Wipe down any bottles, toothbrush holders, soap dispensers, etc. that you removed and put them back where they belong. 

7. Mop the floor. 

Now that you’re done with any walking back and forth, and everything else has been cleaned, the very last thing to do in terms of cleaning the bathroom is give the floor a thorough mopping. Then you can mop your way out of the room and leave it undisturbed to dry! 

8. Wash & replace floor items. 

Give your garbage can a quick clean and put it back when the floor is dry, launder any rugs as needed before laying them back down. 


How To Clean A Bathroom – Tips & Tricks

This collection of cleaning hacks are exactly what you’ve been looking for to make your life run more smoothly while spending less time cleaning! Whether you’re simply doing a normal weekly cleaning or you’re desperate to get things spic-and-span before guests come over, trust us when we say this is everything you need to be in and out in a flush flash!


1.  Homemade Toilet Cleaning Bombs

person holding homemade toilet cleaning bomb bathroom cleaning hack with toilet in background

Found on Mom 4 Real

Keep a glass jar near the toilet and make a bunch of these toilet bombs. Throw them in the toilet to clean and deodorize the toilet between cleanings. With only three ingredients, these are super easy to make.


2. Soaking Showerhead With Vinegar

showerhead with a plastic bag tied around it to soak with vinegar as bathroom cleaning hack

Found on Wrapped In Rust

I can’t wait to give this cleaning hack a try. After finding this hack I looked at my showerhead. I thought there was no way I would have any grime on mine. To my surprise, this cleaning tip needs to happen as soon as possible in my shower.


3.  Use Grapefruit To Clean Faucets

woman using half a grapefruit to shine a bathtub faucet as a simple bathroom cleaning hack

Found on Better Homes and Gardens

I love grapefruit! Who knew it has so many benefits besides eating it. Cut the grapefruit in half and use one end to rub over steel. The acid in the juice of the fruit work to polish the steel while leaving an amazing smell. You can enjoy the other half of the grapefruit. So natural!


4. Baking Soda + Bleach As Grout Cleaner

before and after images of a shower wall with white tile, showing filthy grout before and clean white tile after using a bathroom cleaning hack

Found on Practically Functional

Grout can be difficult to clean. Practically Functional has provided readers with an amazing 2 ingredient bathroom cleaning hack. They have even provided us with a total project time. You need 45 minutes in total – 30 minutes prepping/cleaning and 15 minutes waiting while the grout cleaner goes to work.


5.  Bleached-Soaked Paper Towel To Remove Marble Stain

rubber gloved hand with a bottle of clorox in the background, wiping a stained counter while bathroom cleaning

Found on Family Handyman

Marble is another sensitive surface to clean. For this cleaning hack, you are going to need bleach, paper towel, and a cup. Overnight you are going to place a cup over a paper towel soaked with bleach. Family Handyman makes an excellent point. With such a sensitive surface, test a nonvisible area first so you do not discolor your marble in a visible spot.


6. Bathroom Cleaning Hack Use Baby Oil As Chrome Polish

yellow and green striped towel hanging over a bathroom faucet with a bottle of baby oil nearby as a faucet bathroom cleaning hack

Found on Real Simple

Baby oil on chrome? Yes! Give it a try. This is definitely a savvy way to go. Baby oil is much cheaper to purchase than a chrome cleaner. Search for baby oil uses and you will find a ton that you will be able to use the extra baby oil for.


7. Water + Vinegar To Disinfect Bath Toys

white bowl with baby bath toys soaking in water with an open bottle of vinegar on the counter nearby

Found on Martha Stewart

Bath toys can become quickly dirty and full of soap scum. With children playing with these toys, you need to make sure you are cleaning them properly. Especially if you are not buying new toys, you are going to want to make sure they are being properly cleaned.


8.  A Large Mop To Clean The Wall

using a large microfiber mop to clean the wall as a bathroom cleaning hack

Found on Life Should Cost Less

Bathroom walls get a lot of water moisture. If you do not have proper ventilation in your bathroom, you will want to be taking proper precautions to keep the walls dry. The last thing you want is for mold to creep into your bathroom.


9. Power-Scrub Your Tub Using Your Drill

drill and a bottle of tilex sitting on the edge of a bathtub in preparation for deep bathroom cleaning

Found on Imgur

If you need to put some power behind your manpower, no better use than a drill. You will get your tub cleaner and the job will be done much faster. Take off the drill bit attachment and add your cleaning brush. Charge it all up and you will be ready to go. This is the best one I could find on Amazon.


10.  Magnetic Strip To Organize Small Essentials

close up of small metal bathroom items on a magnetic strip on a wall

Found on Expert Home Tips

I have a bin in my bathroom drawer specifically for these items. They are always falling out and moving on me everytime I open the drawer. The idea of the magnet is brilliant!


11. Spot-X Hard Water Stain Remover For A Clean Glass Door

bottle of spot x and a cleaning pad sitting on the edge of a shower after use in glass door bathroom cleaning hack

Found on Ask Anna

I do not have a glass door to my shower/bathtub. However, I can see how it would need to be cleaned pretty frequently.  With the cleaner used above, you are going to need some microfiber cleaning clothes. These ones from Amazon are the perfect price and they have great reviews. You will be able to use these for many other rooms in your house as well.


12. Drain Snake To Clean Clogged Drain

yellow drain snake going down a bathroom sink drain

Found on Frugally Blonde

We have a tricky drain stopper and we had to search YouTube to see how to get it off. Our drain was draining water so slow and we had to clean it out. We had to use a wire coat hanger to clean out the hair. On Amazon, they have a three pack of drain snakes for $5.99! Definitely worth the price if you live with females.


13. Toothpaste To Clean The Toilet Bathroom Cleaning Hack

using toothpaste to clean the toilet as a bathroom cleaning hack

Found on Binkies and Briefcases

This bathroom hack is definitely new to me and I could have used this over the weekend. We had company over this weekend and we ran out of toilet bowl cleaner. This hack would have saved us some extra elbow grease.


14. Clean Your Loofah With A Diluted Bleach

pink shower loofah wrapped in tulle with a green bow

Found on Craftionary

Loofahs are another bathroom item that can be gross and filled with germs. Even though we use it to clean ourselves every day, it holds a lot of germs. A diluted bleach solution will solve this for you.


15. Spraying Dusty Exhaust Fan With Canned Air

using canned air to clean a bathroom fan easy bathroom cleaning hack

Found on The Krazy Coupon Lady

I just lifted up my vacuum hose to reach the top of our fan. Another area that is often forgotten about because it is up higher and is not visible on an everyday basis. We have two bathroom fans in our house so this hack is going to be easy to complete with these multi-purpose duster cans from Amazon. 

Such an incredible list of bathroom cleaning hacks. Bathrooms can be a pain to clean but using these cleaning hacks above should make it a breeze. Your bathroom will look as clean as the day you bought your house or started renting.