15 of the Best Stock Photo Sites Every Blogger Should Be Using

Recently we have been asked where we find our blog stock photos that we use on our site in our blogging Facebook group. It is a great question and when we first started blogging we were searching Google for photos to use on our site. A big no-no for many legal reasons. Here we have listed 15 best stock photo sites for you to use.

The biggest thing when searching for photos to use on your website is to make sure they are stock photos that give you rights to reuse. The last thing you want is to improperly use an image on your site and put yourself at risk for being sued.

What is a stock photo you ask? A stock photo is a piece of photography that has the rights released to the public for people to use for commercial designs. You want to make sure that when you upload any image to your website you have the right to be able to reuse the image.

Where do I find stock photos? We have compiled a list of the best stock photo sites where you can get free stock photos or if you want to pay for stock photos that is always an option too.


Best Stock Photo Sites: FREE

These 15 stock photo websites for bloggers are THE BEST! I'm so happy I found these AMAZING free stock images! Now, whenever I need stock photo ideas I can reference this incredible article. Definitely pinning! #blogging #stockphotos #blogimage #photos #photography #stock #digitalmarketing #beautiful #girly

Pixabay: Pixabay is one of the first stock photo websites that I found when we first started blogging. They have over 1.5 million royalty free stock photos and videos you can download and use for your website.

Pexels: Pexels keeps their licensing as simple as possible with three main rights. The first is all their photos can be used for commercial or non-commercial for free. The second right is that you do not have to give credit to the photographers, however, it is appreciated. The third is that you can modify and edit the photos as much as you like.

Unsplash: Unsplash is one of my favorite stock photo websites. Whenever I am looking for unique stock photos I know Unsplash will always come through. Again, you have all the rights to use their photos on your website.

Canva: If you use Canva already for most of your Pinterest pins, you can also use them for some free stock photos. Just change the dimension to the size of the picture you are looking for and then pull the stock photo over to the frame. A great resource that you are already familiar with using.

Sarah Titus: WOW! Sarah has crushed the stock photo market. She has just opened her stock photo store on Shopify and is absolutely killing it. So many unique designs and great colors to add to your website.

Shopify: You might have heard of some of the other free stock photo websites I have mentioned above. I bet you never thought about using Shopify for stock photos. Shopify stock photos are called Burst and they have a lot of free stock photos available for you to use.

Style Stock: Absolutely BEAUTIFUL stock photos! If you are looking for some feminine photos, look no further. I love the feature they have installed to filter the stock photos by color.

PikWizard: If you are looking for photos of laptops, meetings, or familes this might be the perfect stock photo site for your needs. Very user friendly with new pictures added everyday. 


Best Stock Photo Sites: PAID

These 15 stock photo websites for bloggers are THE BEST! I'm so happy I found these AMAZING free stock images! Now, whenever I need stock photo ideas I can reference this incredible article. Definitely pinning! #blogging #stockphotos #blogimage #photos #photography #stock #digitalmarketing #beautiful #girly

Deposit Photos: I love their new flexible plan! For $29, you can download 30 photos a month with all rights. If you use up all the 30 downloads, each additional photo is a $1.00. If you do not use the 30 downloads, whatever is leftover rolls over into the next month. Deposit Photos also has a referral program. Thanks to our Blogging with Purpose Facebook group, a member told us about joining their email list because they send out coupon codes and discounts. #savvy

Canva: This has been our most recent destination to grab stock photos for only $1.00. You can create your whole design and then at the end purchase your photo. One reason we really like Canva for stock photos is that you are given 24 hours to use the image you purchase to tweak an make adjustments with.

Shutterstock: Over 228 million royalty-free stock photos, videos, and music tracks. Shutterstock has plans that are reasonably priced if you plan on using a certain number of pictures. If you plan to start a podcast or need music tracks for your next vlog, this might be a great way to go.

Getty Images: Another popular paid stock photo site for awesome quality photos. One unique aspect that I like about Getty Images is the “boards” section. Think about it like Pinterest. If you want to save stock photos all about coffee, you can create a board called coffee. This keeps them all in one place that you can use to refer back to when downloading coffee pictures.

iStock: A website by Getty Images very similar to them. They have flexible plans for any type of budget.

Bigstock: Bigstock is very similar to all rest of the paid monthly stock photo subscriptions. One aspect that sticks out is the “trending” keywords section. I like to see what types of photos show up for general keywords. Surprisingly, I find the best stock photos with using pretty general keywords like woman, happy, and people.

Ivory Mix: GORGEOUS! Loving the stock photos that Kayla has in her resource library. Join her email list and sign-up for over 300 free to use stock photos that are great for bloggers. Get the password emailed to you and start downloading. If you are really into her stock photos, consider becoming an elite member. For less than $10 a month, you get access to the new monthly photos and 2100+ premium stock photos. Steal of a deal!

Death to Stock Photos: First off, their website design is incredible! They have a smooth process when it comes to their stock photos. The first is to become a subscriber. You can do this for $12 a year or $21 a year depending on your business. Then, you will have access to over 2,500 stock photos. Every month they release a new set of photos you will have access to. Download and add them to your posts or Pinterest pins as the final step.

Pixi Stock: Alicia over at Pixi Stock has created BEAUTIFUL stock photos for bloggers, creators, and women entrepreneurs. She offers three unique membership plans with Canva templates! You also get access to her Facebook group where you get up to date information and be apart of her community.

Of course, if you are good with a camera, go ahead and take your own stock photos.  This way you never have to worry about breaking any fair use laws. You can check out Amazon to get you started with a great camera!

Make sure that you CYA (cover your butt) with images on your site. It is so important to make sure you have the legal rights to reuse a picture that you find. By using pictures found on the above sites, you know that you will be safe to upload them to your site. When all else fails, give credit where credit is due.

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