20+ Best Coupon Sites That Will Save You Hundreds

Gone are the days when you had to clip all of your coupons out – there are now loads of online coupon sites that group the best ones all together for you!

We are going to take a look at the best coupon sites so that you have the best all listed out for you for easy viewing.

Coupons are a great way of saving money on your purchases, and this is important to do because you can save huge amounts on the things that you are buying by doing this.

If you are looking to start living a more frugal life, this is a perfect place to start.

Best Coupon Sites For 2019

Now that there are so many sites out there offering coupons, it can be hard to know which ones exactly are worth your time, and what kind of coupons they offer.

We have put together the list of the best coupon sites for shopping both online and offline, in the hopes that it will save you and your family a ton of money.


You may have heard of Swagbucks before, or even see us mention it on this site as a great way of making extra money.

But something you may not have known is that you can make some extra cash from printing out coupons on this site, which is a win-win!

There is the option of printing out physical coupons for you to use when you go into a store, which will also earn you 1 Swagbuck (this is what you earn on the site, their “points,” that you can exchange at certain amounts).

As well as the coupons that you can print off, you can also earn cashback through Swagbucks when you are buying things online.

To earn these rewards you will need to go on to Swagbucks and then click through to the retailer from there, so they can then track your purchase.

Sign up here with Swagbucks to get started saving money today.


Ebates is another site that is a must-have on this list and is one of our personal favorites.

It’s a site where you can get coupons and cash back on your purchases – and they have over 2,500 retailers on there, such as Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Lowe’s, to name a few.

They have one of the best coupon apps, and they also have a Chrome browser extension which you can add to your computer and it will let you know if there is any cashback available when you are browsing on a site. You can get a pop-up reminder to make sure that you start your “shopping trip” with Ebates, to make sure you never forget to get that cash back!

Throughout the year they run extra cash back events which are where they get the retailers on the sites to increase their commissions (and therefore the money that you will get from them).

Sign up here to get started up with Ebates. Another great app to sign up with for saving money (more for in-store shopping) is Ibotta.


The thing that we love most about this site (they have an app too) is that they find coupons that are specific to you and where you live.

When you sign up, you will be asked to provide your ZIP code, which will then show you all of the local deals.

There are thousands of deals available, and you can print off coupons for groceries, household items, clothes and more.

Click here to sign up with Coupons.com right away!

Amazon Coupons

I don’t know about you, but I had no idea that Amazon that coupons on their site! This isn’t that well known, but once you know, you can save a ton of money on your Amazon purchases.

Please note though, that they do say that some vouchers are only available to Prime customers, so make sure you check beforehand.

They also have a section on there called ‘Subscribe and Save’ which is where you can sign up for automatic, repeat subscriptions and save money. For example, you could save on subscriptions for things like pet food, cleaning products, vitamins and more.

If you like saving money with Amazon, be sure to read all about how to get free Amazon gift cards in our article.

Sign up for an Amazon Prime account here to get started saving money on all your Amazon purchases with Amazon coupons.


Retail Me Not is another big coupon site which shows you the best in-store coupons, online promo codes, and cash back offers.

They also have an app which makes it easy to score yourself some deals when you are in a store.

Some popular stores that they provide coupons and deals for include:

Sign up here to get started on RetailMeNot.

Krazy Coupon Lady

You’ve probably heard about the Krazy Coupon Lady site now, as it is a pretty popular one.

The site is run by some amazing women who teach their extreme couponing ways and it’s a great place to begin looking for coupons – even for those who are have been doing it for a while.

The great thing about this site is that they will show you how to combine coupons from different places to get you the maximum amount of money off.

Sign up at the Krazy Coupon Lady, here to get started!

Penny Pinchin’ Mom

Tracie, who runs the site, is a great friend of ours and we can say that she is an incredible source of information and help when it comes to saving money.

There is a section on the site called ‘Coupons and Deals,’ which lists the best current offers that you can try out – basically, doing all of the hard work searching for relevant deals for you!

Click here to start browsing for deals on Penny Pinchin’ Mom today!


We’ve talked about Honey on here before because it is a firm favorite of ours when it comes to saving money, especially when you may not have a lot of time to go through a bunch of different coupon sites to find the one that you want.

Honey is a browser extension that will find you coupons automatically when you have it installed and are going to purchase something on a website.

When you go to checkout, it will let you know if there are any coupons available that you can use. I find this really helpful when you have forgotten to check for coupon codes before checking out!

Another great thing about Honey is that they have a separate section called Honey Travel, which can get you good deals on hotels.

Click here to sign up with Honey and download the browser extension.


The thing that I love most about Savings.com is that they group their coupons into a variety of categories. For example, they have categories such as:

They provide both online and printable coupons, for popular stores like Walmart and Target. Savings.com also has a Local Deals section which is provided by Groupon, LivingSocial, and Valpak.

Click here to sign up at Savings.com.


SlickDeals is a great site if you are looking for different kind of deals to everyday savings, such as bank deals and credit cards.

They are a community-based website where members share all of the deals that they have found. They share the best deals, freebies, coupons, contests, and sweepstakes, and they also have forums to help you find specific deals.

Click here to join SlickDeals today.


You will need to sign up and create a free account before you can get started browsing through the cash back deals and coupons.

They also have a browser extension that you can download that will analyze any site that you are on to see if there are any coupons available that you can use.

Click here to sign up at ShopAtHome, and also to download their toolbar extension.

Living Social

LivingSocial is part of the Groupon brand, and they are definitely similar in what they are providing!

You can find tons of deals specific to your local area just by searching, and they offer up to 80% off.

Sign up here to get started looking for deals near you today!


Groupon has got to be one of the biggest household names when it comes to finding great deals – and within reason – they have a ton of offers on their site.

A lot of the deals that they have on the site have the deals already taken off the price so that if you purchase them, the coupon value has already come off.

Groupon is good for when you want to buy things like spa days, a nice meal out, a golf pass, etc.

Sign up at Groupon today to get started with your savings!

Don’t Pay Full

Don’t Pay Full is a site that is very easy to navigate and finds you free online promo codes and coupons for the stores that you love.

They have 120,547 stores on the site that they provide offers for, so they definitely cover a lot of deals for you to look at.

Sites that they find coupons and deals on include: eBay, Amazon, Walmart, Target and Best Buy.

Another thing about this site that I love is that it has a forum so you can see what the community have found in way of deals, and a blog which shares money-saving tips.

Click here to sign up to Don’t Pay Full!

Smart Source

You may recognize SmartSource from the newspapers that you get, as they have coupons in there – but they also have a site where you can access these coupons online (which means you can still get coupons but save the newspaper delivery fees).

The categories of coupons that are available on this site are:

As well as being able to search via the categories, you are also able to search for the brands that you buy. This is a handy site for keeping your household expenses low, for sure.

Click here to sign up through SmartSource and start saving on your household items today.

Deal News

Deal News is a little bit different than the usual coupon sites because they know how overwhelming it can be to go through all of the deals that are available, they aim to only list the offers that indicate the best deal.

Even better than that – they will ban any store that they find has a history of bad customer service, and never list a higher price just because it is with a company that they have an affiliation with.

Click here to get signed up at Deal News today to find the best offers each weekday.

Brad’s Deals

The difference with this site versus the other coupon and deals sites is that it feels a little more personalized. They cover a variety of categories, but it really does feel like a friend, “Brad” as they call him, is just finding good deals and recommending them to his friends.

If you are looking for a specific gift idea, then there is a useful part of the site called ‘Shopping Guide’ which can help you find what you are looking for. Sections in there include things like Gifts For Mom, Deals Under $25, etc.

Click here to get signed up for Brad’s Deals today and see their exclusive deals and coupons!


Hip2Save is a coupon and savings blog, run by Collin Morgan, and was initially started as a hobby blog, but quickly gained huge popularity.

If you sign up and create a free Insiders profile, you can tailor the deals that come up for you, such as if you only wanted to view baby products.

Another added benefit is that there is your very own ‘Hip List’ which is where you can store any of the coupons that you find, to save you from having to search for them all over again.

There is a real sense of community over on the Hip2Save blog, and it is great to see how much it has grown and continues to help people.

Click here to sign up for Hip2Save and get started saving money to help you out.

Price Blink

Price Blink is a browser add-on that automatically finds coupons and lower prices when you are shopping.

When you are browsing online, Price Blink will scan other retailers (over 4000 of them) to see if it can find the item that you are looking at any cheaper on another site, and will notify you if so.

Similarly, if there are coupons available to use on your purchase Price Blink will let you know and test them out for you. If you are prone to forget to check for coupons or are short on time (me too!) then this is a time-saver for sure.

Click here to sign up with Price Blink and get started saving easily today.

Free Shipping

As the name suggests, Free Shipping is a site that endeavors to get you free shipping when you are shopping online.

There are many retailers which offer free shipping straight away, but for those who you end up paying for – Free Shipping will help you to claim rebates on your shipping charges.

Not only that, but you can also get help with the shipping costs when you are returning items. They give access to free return shipping on nearly every order, either by using FedEx Ground shipping labels on the site and dropping off the packages or by claiming rebates on the return costs.

When you shop through the Free Shipping site, you will automatically get 10% cashback on any purchase that you make after clicking through to the retailer from the site. There are over 1000 retailers on Free Shipping, such as Walmart, Best Buy and Groupon.

They have the latest coupon offers available on the site as well as all of these other excellent savings, and price comparisons.

This also reminds me of a site that we use called Paribus which helps you get money back if items have gone down in price after you bought them, and get refunds for late deliveries.

Click here to get signed up to Free Shipping today and save money on your purchases.

Understanding How to Use Coupon Sites

If you’ve come across this article because you are interested in starting couponing but aren’t really sure where to start – we can have a look at how to use coupon sites in a simple and time efficient way.

Steps to Remember to Save the Most When Couponing

Woman making online purchases using the best coupon sites around to save money.

It depends what you want to get out of couponing and how much time that you are able to put into it, but it is definitely worth a go to see what you think, as there are massive savings to be had.

Get The Necessary Supplies

If you are planning on printing out coupons, you are going to want to think of a way that you will be able to print them out, especially if you are going to be printing a lot.

You will need at the very least: a printer, some paper, and printer ink. You may also want to think about getting something to store your coupons in to keep them organized, such as a small pocket-file.

Sign Up To All Of The Sites

There are a lot of sites that you can sign up to get deals from, as we have gone mentioned in this article, and it’s a good idea to get signed up to all of their sites and email lists to get notifications and be prepared for when you come across a good deal.

The more potential sources you have for finding a good deal, the more likely it is that you’ll never have to pay full price for something again!

Couponing Terminology

You may come across a large amount of new terminology when just getting started with browsing the coupon sites, so we thought that we would explain what some of it means!

Manufacturer’s Coupons

You will often see this mentioned on couponing sites, and it means that these coupons are coming directly from the companies who are manufacturing the product.

They can only be used for the specific product that it has on the coupon, and should be accepted at any stores which accept manufacturer’s coupons.

Store Coupon

In a similar fashion, if there is a coupon which says that it is a store coupon, then this has been issued by the store in question and can only be used in that store.

If you are unsure, take a quick read of the coupon fine print as it should say the name and logo of the store in question.

For example, on Coupons.com you may often see coupons for a variety of products that will say “valid only at Walmart” directly on the coupon.

Coupon Stacking

There are some stores which allow a combination of both manufacturer coupons and store coupons – which is where the biggest savings can come in, as you can get some products for free.

Make sure you check with the store that you want to use this method in and be sure to check the specific rules that they have for doing this. Certain products you may only be able to take off a certain amount, or there may be an overall cap to the total discount they will give (regardless of how many coupons you are allowed to stack).


We have mentioned cashback a few times in this article, and it is where you are able to get money back on the items that you are purchasing.

Cashback generally works by the site owners being paid a commission for you clicking through onto another site to purchase something – and they will share this commission with you in the form of cashback. How you are actually paid/receive this cash back can vary from site to site.

The Best Coupon Sites Are Worth Your Time!

I know that it may seem like a lot of effort to go onto a bunch of different sites and look for ways that you can save money on the things that you are going to buy, and this is where these best sites can save you a lot of time.

We recommend trying out all of the coupon sites in this article and finding which ones work the best for you. Everyone shops for different things and has different needs, after all. You don’t have to use all of them all of the time – it depends on what your goal is with this.

There are some sites which don’t require a lot of time to find the best deals for you, and these are the ones that you will want to concentrate on.

Groceries, in particular, is an expense which is huge for families currently, and being able to save a lot of money on your groceries (as you can by using Ibotta) can open up a lot of money in your family budget for other things.

There are some of the best coupon sites for groceries listed in this article, so be sure to check them out.

Before you make any purchase, have a look at these sites and see if there is a coupon or deal available for you to use to save money. And make sure that you download the browser extensions just in case you forget!

Do you use coupons? Which are your favorite sites?