April 2017 Blog Traffic and Social Media Update

Hey $avvy people! We set out last month with a hefty goal of increasing our blog traffic to 6,000 page views. We destroyed that goal by more than 2,500! We continue to see hard work pays off. Below we will lay out exactly what we did last month to double our page views from 4,356 to 8,664.


April Blog Traffic


Eight months into blogging part-time we are very excited to see this kind of growth. We had a long-term goal of 10,000 page views a month by the end of summer, screw that we are going for 25,000!

Writing these blog traffic updates have been very beneficial in our growth. They allow us to publish our goals publically so we are held accountable for them. The same trick works when you are trying to lose weight.

We also believe it’s important to share our success and failures for others to learn from. Life is MUCH more rewarding when you give back!


Goals from Last Month


April Articles

We had some very popular posts in April that drove a majority of our blog traffic. We again stuck to our Monday morning weekly schedule for our best post of the week. This strategy seems to work best so we can promote our own content early in the week, then switch over to guest posts later in the week.

We also starting reaching out to other bloggers, experts, early retirees to learn more about their life. These have been very popular and we will continue to do these. It’s great learning from those older and wiser =).

Consistency has been key to our readership growth. In April we were able to publish eleven articles to our blog. We also wrote two guest post on Get Money Got Money & Financialli Focused about leaving a job you hate and our blogging journey.


Social Media Following

This month we were supposed to really focus our attention to Pinterest. Well, once again we fell short. It’s hard to focus on a social media platform that we only get a few views a day from. It’s definitely a “long-term investment” platform. Pinterest is basically a content search engine so people wanting to read about personal finance are actually on there looking for blogs writing about it. It’s also great for “evergreen” content. Your pins never go away and always have a chance to go viral. We put a lot of time into researching and educating ourselves on how the platform works.

Facebook continues to be our biggest driver in traffic. We post 2-3 times a day to our Facebook page The Savvy Couple which tends to drive a fair amount of traffic. Our secret sauce has been Facebook groups! It’s literally a plethora of reads waiting for good content in a niche market. We also use Facebook groups to do a lot of our market research. Our suggestion is to join a few that are in your niche and hang out for a few weeks. See what everyone is posting about, what questions they have, and decide how you can help them. Only post 1-2 times a week and always read the group rules.

This month we saw some great growth in our Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts. We had a blast using Instagram on our Virginia Beach vacation. It’s a perfect platform to share “behind the scenes” type of stuff.

Facebook: 495 page likes (80% increase from 275) 

Twitter: 4,455 followers (116% increase from 2060)

Pinterest: 925 followers (40% increase from 660)

Instagram: 2,202 followers (1.5% increase from 2,171)

Email List: 177 subscribers (77% increase from 100)


What Worked to Grow Our Blog Traffic

Marketing and lots of it! We continue to use Buffer and HootSuite in combination for our social media accounts. These SMM platforms are great for engaging and setting up automatic posts.

We are also continuing to learn SEO (search engine optimization). We know that long-term this is going to be very beneficial to our blog.

Networking has really been HUGE in growing our blogging traffic. We love subscribing to others in our industry of personal finance and reading their blog posts to get inspiration from. Learning is something we really enjoy, so reading others blog posts about personal finance, money, investing, budgeting, retirement, is a no-brainer.

Working on the blog as a true business has been our mindset from the start. We started using our free year subscription to QuickBooks to track our monthly expenses and income. If you want to be successful in blogging treat it as a business from day one. 

We hustled, plain and simple. On our vacation, we both brought our laptops and worked countless hours on the blog. It sounds terrible to “work” on vacation, but when you are doing something you love it’s really not working. Since we are still working on our blog part-time we have to take advantage of any extra time we get.


What Did Not Work to Grow Our Blog Traffic

One of our struggles was getting organic traffic from Google. We honestly thought that by now we would be getting more traffic organically from people searching Google. We do have a couple posts that are ranking fairly high, but nothing significant. Since Google drives so much traffic to sites we are definitely keeping an eye on our SEO (search engine optimization).

We are relying on Facebook groups too much to drive traffic. As we have stated before, Facebook group traffic is very temporary. They come, read the article, then leave. We were able to grow our email list quite a bit from the added traffic, but it’s still not the best traffic to be going after.

Our email list is still giving us trouble. It’s difficult to post a new article early Monday morning and have the email list go out before leaving for work. We have been waking up around 5:30 am to help make this happen. Definitely looking for new ways of making this more efficient. We will also be rolling out an opt-in to increase our email subscribers.

We still suck at Pinterest =). It’s a work in progress and we are finally seeing some of the hard work pay off. Lot’s more improvement to come.

Our bounce rate is still high. We are researching ways to reduce this. The last thing we want are readers coming to the site reading one article then bouncing.


Goals for May

Looking forward to what May has in store for our site! I am leaving my full-time job in pursuit of 100% self-employment this month so I will have much more time to work on our site. Brittany is also getting closer to Summer break from her teaching job so we will have all hands on deck over the summer, exciting!

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How are you growing your blog or small business?