Everything You Need to Know About Heading Back to School

Are you ready to go back to school? How will you stay organized for the 2017-2018 school year? This article prepares you for the upcoming school year! Save money and do not fall for the back to school "deals". Shop savvy on back to school supplies and clothes. School Year 2017 | Back to School Shopping | New Year, New Me | Organization | Parents | Teachers Is it really that time again? Where did the summer go? It’s time to start thinking about going back to school. Whether you are a parent, teacher, or college student you know going back to school is an adjustment from the summer.

If you have been in any store since the fourth of July you know back to school deals have been in your face. Some of you are like me and just finished the school year at the end of June. Retailers pressure you to buy way too early. Making you feel like you can’t pass up their deals. You do not need to fall into the trap!

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Back to School Sales

The back to school sales have already been in full swing! However, you need to approach the sales with caution. Not every “sale” is actually saving you money. Retailers love any excuse to call something a sale and get you spend the almighty dollar.

Going back to school with expensive sneakers and the newest technology gadget is not necessary. Save the money and use what you already have.

Parents: Does your child need a new lunch box? Last year’s lunch box is now outdated because you bought them a character lunch box they no longer care for.

Be savvy! Buy them a generic lunch box that can be used for years down the road. Children often lose items. Why spend more money on the expensive lunch box that has a chance of getting lost? Be on the safe side and buy a generic lunch box.

College Students: Remember back when you went shopping for your dorm room? Those items you purchased should last you all four years of college and beyond.

Just because you move from a dorm room with your roommate into a suite does not mean you need to change your whole room up. You are going to have to spend money on items for your kitchen and living room. Make do with what you have and get your money out of your original purchases.

Using a company like Ebates to do your back to school shopping will help you get the items you need and earn cash back while doing it. If you want you can sign up today and earn a free $10 credit.


Back to School Supplies

Wait it out! I went to Target before the fourth of July to pick up a few things for a party. Wow! Every year I feel like the retailer pushes out products earlier and earlier. Trust me as a teacher I know how hard it can be to not buy back to school supplies as soon as they are in those beautiful displays.

But I know better deals will come along. Retailers know once the back to school supplies are out and they slap a few “sale” signs on, we consumers are going to spend.

My strategy is to wait it out as long as possible. The longer I wait, the better of deals come. One of my favorite stores to wait to buy back to school supplies from is Staples. Staples always has savvy deals with so many items for under a $1.00.

Another strategy I use for back to school supplies is not to buy name brand items. In my opinion, a bottle of Target glue is the same as a bottle of Elmer’s glue and you will be getting it cheaper.

When the deals are cheap and under the cost you would spend at the dollar store, buy a few extra. My general rule of thumb: if it is cheaper than it would cost at the dollar store I buy it. The worst is when you need to go out and purchase more school supplies in the middle of the year and you have to pay full price.

I have a clear Sterilite container in our basement I use to store extra school supplies. Throughout the year you might need them to restock school supplies, work on a project, or give alongside a gift.


Back to School Tips 2017

The transition from summer back to school can be difficult if you are not prepared. Here are some ways to help!


How do you prepare for the upcoming school year?

Share your best back to school deal below!