February Blog Traffic and Social Media Following Update

Hey $avvy Savages we hit our goal! We set out last month determined to hit 2,000 page views and we crushed it. Here is our new monthly update on our blog traffic and social media following.

Blog Traffic

February Blog Traffic Update


We were nervous setting such an ambitious goal for ourselves. Our blog is still less than 6 months old and we are pleased with the growth but we are so hungry for more. We knew in February we both had a week off of work and we could get a lot accomplished on the blog. We were able to publish some great content and it really paid off.



February Posts

We were very lucky to have some awesome guest post this
month. It’s always good to partner with other bloggers to get their experience, perspective and be able to learn from them. It was great having such a variety of posts get published this month. We learned it definitely helps to get content out when you have guest posts. We were able to get a total of 9 posts out, way more than our goal of 1 a week.


Social Media FollowingsHey $avvy Savages we hit our goal! We set out last month determined to hit 2,000 page views and we crushed it. Here is our new monthly update on our blog traffic and social media following.

We use social media in a variety of ways, engagement, promotion, marketing, and research. We have found that we have the most luck driving traffic to our blog through Facebook. Interestingly enough it’s our least followed social media account. We experimented more this month with posting in Facebook groups, it helped a ton!

We currently only focus on the big four social media platforms. Once we get the hang of these we will move onto others such as tumblr, stumble upon, google plus, bloglovin etc.

Facebook: 196 Page Likes

Twitter: 594 Followers

Pinterest: 295 Followers

Instagram: 2,105 Followers

Email List: 65 Followers


What Did Not Work

Pinterest is still the biggest hurdle to overcome. We know we are losing a lot of potential traffic by not having a strategy. Who knew that social media actually took strategizing? We are learning the hard way but enjoying it. We continually reach out to other bloggers for advice and use different resources to help with the learning curve.

Using our content calendar failed. It was our first month trying to use it and we were a little overwhelmed with how many guest posts came in, not a bad thing. We had the approach of first come first serve on guest posts. Next time we have a month like this with a lot of guest posts, a little more strategic planning will be put into place.

Our bounce rate is concerning. We have read that anything above 70% your website should be evaluated for issues. If you don’t know what a bounce rate is it’s the percentage of people that view one page on your site then leaves. Not sure if it’s normal for a blog to have a higher bounce rate. It would make sense that a website like Amazon would have a low bounce rate because customers take time finding the right products.

On Facebook, we learned that you can’t just go onto Facebook groups and blast your blog posts. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. When you spam like that you are really offering no value. Admins won’t stand for it, you will get kicked from the group quickly. Groups are meant for interaction and engagement. We found that posting our blog articles in the comment sections worked much better. When you post in the comment section to help answer peoples questions you are actually adding value.

Goals for March

Looking forward to what March has in store for our blog. We are blessed to have gotten such great feedback so far, it is truly motivating. Helps us reach our March goals by sharing your favorite articles!


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