How To Get The Most Out Of Amazon Prime Day 2019

Christmas in July? Not necessarily, but could you imagine either getting a great start on your Christmas shopping or completing all of your shopping this early in the year?  Enter, Amazon Prime Day 2018. Go into Prime Day being budget conscious. Your focus needs to be on items that are a need, not a want.

I do not know about your December budget, but ours always gets hit pretty hard. I try very hard to be a savvy shopper throughout the whole year to be more prepared for the holidays. If it is a deal you think you absolutely cannot get anywhere else then go for it!

The stress during the holiday season is crazy enough. Amazon Prime Day is a perfect alternative to braving the streets on Black Friday. I love how shopping through Amazon you do not have to worry about traffic, crowds or other temptations with other stores around (Starbucks). Pour yourself a nice cup of coffee and be a savvy shopper this Prime Day.

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What is Amazon Prime Day 2019?

Amazon Prime Day is a special day for Amazon Prime members to receive discounts, promotions and price slashes for so many items including technology! Prime Day originated back in 2015 as a special 20-year anniversary sale for all of its members. With all of Amazon’s best offers, they decided to keep Prime Day around year after year.


When is Amazon Prime Day 2019?

Amazon has released that Amazon Prime Day will take place on Monday, July 16th at 3 pm ET. And this year it will last longer than in previous years. Prime Day will run into July 17th.


How can you prepare for Amazon Prime Day 2019?

In order to take full advantage of what Prime Day has to offer, you need to be an Amazon Prime member. If you are not already an Amazon Prime member, you need to sign-up before Amazon Prime day! The price was recently increased, however, it is still worth every penny. With how much we purchase from Amazon the price is offset by the savings on shipping alone. On top of that, receiving items in two days makes it even more convenient and hands down one of the best online shopping experiences around.

If you will not be near your computer on July 16th and July 17th, you will want to make sure you download the Amazon app. The app is so easy to use and you will have all the deals at your fingertips. If you want to make the most out of these deals and  Amazon promotions, go under “Settings” in the app and turn on “Personalized Notifications”. When the deals start, you will begin to get notified right to your phone. This way you never miss a deal.

Another great feature on the app is being able to watch certain items that will go out live on Prime Day 24 hours before. Then, you will get updates when your item goes live to purchase.

Want to get an additional $5.00 off if you spend over $25.00? Of course, you do! Install the Amazon Assitant browser extension and click through to the promotional card and you will be able to redeem the credit. Lastly, SHOP away!


What can you expect from Amazon Prime Day 2019?

I cannot wait for Amazon Prime Day this year! Last year I found so many incredible sales that helped me save a ton of money. This article is perfect for understanding what Prime Day is all about and how to take advantage of some of these killer deals. One of the best online shopping days throughout the year, don't miss it! #AmazonPrimeDay #Amazon #Prime #Shopping #Deals #Sales #Save #BlackFriday #CyberMonday

You can expect some AMAZING deals and promotions! Prime Day started back in 2015 and with each year the event gets bigger and bigger. Expect items like the Amazon Dot and Kindle Paperweight to be at the lowest prices you have ever seen.

One product that has had a growing success over the last two years of Prime Days has been the Instant Pot.

We cannot say enough good things about this product! We absolutely LOVE it! Frozen chicken from freezer to table in under 20 minutes was unheard of until this product came out. When I talk to people about the Instant Pot, many people haven’t heard of it before. Do some research beforehand so you know exactly what you will be going after on Prime Day.


What do you need to know about Amazon Lightning Deals?

If you are familiar with shopping on Amazon around the holidays, you have seen Amazon Lightning deals. Lightning deals are products with sale promotions. There are two different timers with the lightning deals. One timer counts down and tells you how much longer the item is on sale for. Another timer colors in to show you how many have “claimed” this item already and provides you with how many are left. Great marketing huh? They want you to feel pressured to hurry up and buy before you miss out your chance this item. Be a savvy shopper and really make sure it is an item you need.

If you go to buy one of the lightning deal items, you have 15 minutes to purchase it from your cart. If you did not get to the item in time, do not worry. You will be put on a waiting list if one of those people who “claimed” the item didn’t buy it within the 15 minute time frame that it was added to their cart. Then, you have a chance the item could be yours.


How do I know if I am getting a good deal?

I cannot wait for Amazon Prime Day this year! Last year I found so many incredible sales that helped me save a ton of money. This article is perfect for understanding what Prime Day is all about and how to take advantage of some of these killer deals. One of the best online shopping days throughout the year, don't miss it! #AmazonPrimeDay #Amazon #Prime #Shopping #Deals #Sales #Save #BlackFriday #CyberMonday


Keep in mind that the point of Amazon Prime Day is for Amazon to make money. However, that does not necessarily mean that you are going to lose money. Be a savvy shopper! Here are the steps to know you are getting a good deal:


What Amazon services will be discounted on Prime Day?

Amazon has a lot of services to take advantage on Prime Day. I know what you are thinking … If I am already paying for a Prime membership why would I add more services onto my subscription? Great question! Answer: to save even more money.

With our new addition this month, we are going to be changing the way we run our daily and weekly routines. By adding a subscription to Prime Pantry we will be able to order grocery or personal items that we or the baby needs without having to worry about getting to a store. Bonus: You can “clip” coupons to your order to take the price down even lower!

Knowledge is POWER! You should never in your life stop growing and learning new information. If you are able to read books faster through a system like Audible over reading a paperback book than sign-up! It is totally worth the subscription if you are going to be working on yourself and growing your mind. If you have an Amazon Kindle, you will be able to grow your mind even more with the deal with Kindle Unlimited.

Depending on your location, Amazon Fresh might be available for you to sign-up to enjoy groceries delivered to your house. I wish this was a service available in our area as our new baby arrives. It would make the recovery process a little easier.

With your kids on summer break, this might be one of the BEST services Amazon is offering. For three months, which is perfect for summer, FreeTime Unlimited allows access to kid-friendly books, movies, and educational apps. As a teacher, I am all for limited screen time and getting kids playing outside. However, I also know that some of my students prefer to read on electronic devices. As long as kids are reading on the devices, then let them! Reading is crucial for all children!

I hope this information was helpful to get you prepared for Amazon Prime Day 2018. We will definitely be partaking in the Amazon promotion event and getting a head start on Christmas shopping. Remember, not everything is a deal. Use the four steps above to make sure you are getting the most for your money.

What deal are you looking to score on Prime Day?