How to Throw a Perfect 4th of July Party Everyone Will Rave About

One of America’s favorite holidays is fast approaching. This article will help you host a 4th of July party that will make you boss. From the food to the activities, The Savvy Couple has you covered!

When hosting any party it is crucial to make a proper plan, so you do not overspend. Read through each of our 4th of July party category’s and by the end your party you will feel like king or queen of the block!


4th of July Food

Nothing says party more than food! Food is where your guests will center around and spend a majority of their time enjoying. When you know how many people will be attending your 4th of July party, the easier it will be to plan a boss status party!

Now with the power of social media, no need to send out paper invitations and have people RSVP by calling. Set-up an event on Facebook and have your guests RSVP there.

Always plan to have more than enough food. You might have some unexpected guests show up or that neighbor you forgot to invite. Plus leftovers, are a cheap way to feed your family for meals to follow after your party.

There are so many different themes you could have for your 4th of July party to save you money. One theme you could have is a taco bar. Tacos are a cheap meal and are filling. Another theme you could do is a potluck party and have each guest bring a dish to pass.

Potlucks help cut back on the overall cost you would have to spend yourself.

Lastly, nothing says 4th of July like a cookout. Most grocery stores have cookout items on sale because it is the most common.

Savvy Saving Tip: If hosting a larger crowd of people, shop for your food at a wholesale food supplier like Sam’s Club or Costco. You will be able to get the most out of your dollar.

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4th of July Drinks

Drinks are the next most important element to think about when planning a 4th of July party.  Depending on the crowd you are inviting, alcohol might not be necessary. Alcohol can be costly and you want people to drive responsibly.

If you want to focus on food, you can have people BYOB. This will save you money on drinks and puts the responsibility in the hands of your guests.

If you are planning and supplying all types of drinks there are so many options out there. One frugal option especially if it is hot that day is to spice up the classic H20. Cut up some fresh fruit and freeze it for your guests to add to their drinks. Keep to the theme of the 4th of July by freezing blueberries and strawberries. Again, using food as decoration.

Savvy Saving Tip: Instead of buying a range of different drinks to please everyone, use large drink dispensers to make a few drinks to provide your guests with options.

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4th of July Decorations

Decorations for your 4th of July party do not have to be over the top. I think a lot of times people will go America crazy and purchase a lot of tacky decorations. It does not have to be this way. I love re-purposing items I have or creating some 4th of July decorations DIY projects to save money.

Pinterest is a great search engine for some really creative ideas. My favorite project I found came from The Concrete Cottage where she used an old piece of cardboard cut into the shape of a star. With a few bottles of cheap spray paint in red, white, and blue she completely transformed her yard.

Found on The Concrete Cottage

Spruce up your food or drink table with some red, white, and blue fresh flowers. Throw them in a mason jar and tie a piece of ribbon or string around. Balloons are another frugal option that allows you to spruce up your entertaining space without having to spend a lot of money. They can also double as an activity for kids. They love balloons!

Savvy Saving Tip: To save on decorations, let the party focus be on the food. Spice up your food table with your food in colors of red, white and blue this way it doubles for food and patriotic party supplies.

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4th of July Party Ideas

If you do not have yard games and your family members or friends do, ask them to bring them when they come. We are always willing to bring our yard games whenever we go to outdoor parties. We have volleyball, KanJam, Ladder Golf and Cornhole.

If you have a pool, remind your guests to bring their bathing suits. Water balloon toss, watermelon eating contest, sparklers, and of course fireworks are all outdoor ideas to keep your guests entertained. End the night with smores over a fire and you have just had a boss party!

Savvy Saving Tip: Nothing says America like good old country music! Find some speakers and hook up your phone to YouTube or Pandora for free music to party all day too.

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Planning for Next Year

If you plan on having a party next year for the 4th of July, then you are already saving yourself money. Head to the clearance aisles and pick up very discounted patriotic party supplies.

Don’t forget other American holidays like Labor Day, Flag Day, Presidents week, Memorial Day, and Veterans Day when stores will have sales or clearance on decorations/party supplies that can dual for Independence Day as well!

What do you do to save money on holiday parties?

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