InboxDollars Review 2019: How to Make Extra Money with This Paid Survey Site

We all want to make extra money. If someone says they don’t, they’re most likely lying.

And one possible way to make money without working too hard is to sign up with a company like InboxDollars.

But is this one legit? Can you actually make decent money and make it worth your time?

To answer those questions, I went ahead and did my own in-depth InboxDollars review.


What Does InboxDollars Offer?

InboxDollars offers to pay you cash for taking surveys, watching TV clips and videos, and signing up for different services and products. And instead of handing out points like a lot of other paid online survey sites, InboxDollars shells out money — real money.

The way it works is brands and companies will pay InboxDollars for getting input from consumers. So then when you take surveys and shop from partner companies, you can actually make money.


How to Get Started With InboxDollars

When I signed up with InboxDollars, they give me a cool  $5 for just signing up. But I should mention, you’ll need $30 in your account before you can cash out anything.

Simply enter your email address, create a password, confirm your signup via email, and your InboxDollars sign up is complete.

Then you’ll be taken to your dashboard. It’s not the cleanest looking intro page, but once you learn your way around, it’s not so bad.


How to Make Money With InboxDollars

There’s one tip to make this page easily navigable: the purple buttons. Basically, look for the purple buttons — those usually use words like “earn,” “do,” or “learn more.”

Purple buttons = rewards for you.

Taking Surveys

The first way you can make cash is by taking surveys. Literally, you just offer your opinion and get paid.

At the top of your dashboard, you’ll see the “Survey” tab. This will take you to your Survey Notification Dashboard where you’ll see all the surveys you can take. Each survey lists an estimated completion time and how much you’ll earn by taking it.

Many of the surveys pay $0.50 and take about 5 minutes — that’s about $6 per hour, if you take the whole 5 minutes to answer the questions. The payouts and completion times vary from $0.05 to $0.50 and from a few minutes and up.

Scroll down a bit and you’ll see that you can also “spin” to earn cash, survey tokens, and sweepstakes entries (called “sweeps”). But first, you have to accumulate “spins” and you can’t win rewards until you do.


Watching TV And Videos

Yes, this is real. You can earn money by watching TV shows and videos. It’s only pennies, but that’s better than nothing, right?

Mostly, you’d be watching short segments from different channels. I ended up watching random news segments, a video on how to make a butternut squash dish, and one about a robotic farming device.

For every video I watched (each running about 1 to 2 minutes), I got anywhere from $0.01 to $0.25, and the videos just go from one to the next. The way you earn money is by scratching off a digital card, kind of like a lottery ticket. If three out of the six boxes you scratch off match, you win whatever the money amount is in that box.


Surfing The Internet

Another way to make money through InboxDollars is by using the internet.

For every four searches you make via InboxDollars’ special search engine, you get one penny and three “sweeps.” Remember sweeps? These are entries into a sweepstake or a giveaway with different InboxDollars rewards, including cash.


Subscribing To Things

A lot of the options on your main dashboard include subscribing to different services and signing up for products from InboxDollars’ partner companies.

An example of this includes a discounted subscription to Blue Apron, a service that mails ingredients to you for you to assemble a meal. This offer comes with a $10 credit to your InboxDollars account.


Other Ways To Make Money

Other ways to make money through this site include shopping and playing video games. If you’re going to go all-in with this site, you’ll want to watch their social media channels too. You get some money by liking them on Facebook, and they also post special deals there.


InboxDollars Hack to Earn Even More

Go to the “TV” tab and let the videos play in the background with the volume all the way down. Then, every several minutes, go back, scratch off the digital cards, and earn some pocket change — all for pretty much doing nothing.

And if you like to unwind from a busy day by playing video games, hit up that “Games” tab and go at it. You can earn money for something you’d already be doing anyway.


Pros and Cons of InboxDollars




The Final Verdict

So is this worth it? Is the payoff worth the time spent doing all these things?

My verdict: It’s not the best money-making option, but it’s basically free money.

It depends on what your standards are. This could be a good way to earn a few extra bucks while you’re doing other things or in between other work. If you know what you’re doing.

First, don’t let them spam your inbox because that means you’ll waste time deleting all those emails. To do this, visit the “Account” link at the very top-right corner. Scroll down until you see “Email Subscriptions” and you can unsubscribe from some or all of their emails.


Next, you have to take note of how long a task (survey, internet search, etc.) is taking you versus how much it’s paying you. It’s helpful to figure out how much you’re making per hour, then you can easily compare it to your other income. Always chase your best ROI (return on investment).

At the end of the day, InboxDollars is not a huge money-maker. If you look at the average per-hour income, it’s pretty terrible. I’m talking less than a dollar per hour, which is a lot less than what you can make through similar sites, like Survey Junkie.

That’s why you should view InboxDollars as an easy way to earn a few extra bucks every once in a while, especially if you can do it during or in between other things (like blogging!).

Think of it this way: you could use your InboxDollars money to pay for your website or blog, which can cost as little as $2.95 a month. Not bad!

Want to try InboxDollars for yourself? You can sign up and grab your easy $5, and see what you think of it.