July 2017 Blog Traffic and Social Media Update

Hey $avvy readers! Did you know July 25th was our anniversary date for starting our blog? A full year ago and 80,000 page views later! It’s crazy to think that a year ago we started this journey with so many goals and pretty much completed every single one.

Our main goal within the first year was to make enough money to allow me to quit my job and work full-time from home. Well, within 8 months we saw enough growth and potential to make this happen. Within 2 months of quitting my job and blogging full-time, I was able to replace my income from my previous desk job.

This last month we set a goal to reach 25,000 page views, we did it! This is the 6th month in a row we have reached our blog traffic goal. We have some awesome tips and tricks to share this month to help you grow your own blog.

This was the first full month Brittany and I was able to work full-time on the blog together, yikes! It has honestly been amazing having the extra help from my beautiful wife. I am so glad she gets to enjoy her summers off as a teacher and focus her attention on our blog.

Below we have laid out exactly how we reached 26,634 page views this month.

If you are interested in starting your own blog check out our step-by-step tutorial on how to start a WordPress blog.



July Blog Traffic

Want to learn how we drove over 25,000 page views to our blog last month? Check out our blog traffic report where we give you blogging tips, tricks, and ideas to grow your blog quickly.It’s so motivating to see the trajectory of our blog from only a year ago. We have seen an increase in our visitors and page views each and every month since we started our site. It’s crazy to think that 12 months ago we were excited to get 100 page views in a single month.

Writing our blog traffic updates have been huge in our growth. Publishing our monthly goals publicly makes it so we have no choice but to work hard and try to reach them every month.

We believe it’s really important for us to share our success and failures for others to learn from. We would not have gotten as far as we have without other helping us along the way. The more our blog grows and has success the more we feel inclined to help others. Life is MUCH more rewarding when you give back!

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Goals from Last Month


July Articles

We had some awesome posts in July that drove some awesome blog traffic. Our 3 posts a week schedule seems to be working great so we will continue with it.

We are continuing to reach out to individuals who dare to live different and live “unique lives” (RVing, Sailboating, Boondocking, Tiny Home). It’s fun to learn about all different types of lifestyles! We will try to get one of these interviews once a month. Eventually, we want to start a podcast showcasing these interviews.

In July we were able to publish twelve articles to our blog. 


Social Media Following

Last month I said we had figured out Pinterest. Well, I thought we did hahaha. For some reason, Pinterest seems to be the hardest social media platform for us to learn. From being in over 10 blogging Facebook groups it seems to be unanimous it’s the hardest platform to learn.

We were added to 2-3 large group boards which helped a TON in getting exposure to our pins. I suggest you take some time and find some group boards to join for yourself using Pin Groupie.

We finally bit the bullet and purchased Tailwind for a year, should have done it from the start. We are saving at least an hour or two of work each day by scheduling our pins through Tailwind.

Taking Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing was the best decision we have made for our blog within our first year. We not only learned how to monetize, but there is an entire bonus section on driving hundreds of thousands of views using Pinterest that we refer too often. Our Pinterest traffic can solely be credited to this course.

Facebook continues to be our bread and butter, but Pinterest traffic is starting to catch up quickly. We have less than 1,000-page likes, but that did not stop us from driving close to 80% of our traffic from Facebook. If you are not in Facebook groups you need to be! They are an incredible tool to market and leverage your content. Join as many as you want and participate in them daily.

Twitter continues to grow at a good rate and we should hit close to 10,000 followers this month. Buffer has been incredible helping put Facebook and Twitter on autopilot as we focus our attention to Pinterest.

Instagram continues to grow slowly which we are fine with. This is our “behind the scenes” social media platform so we don’t really spend time driving traffic from there.

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Every social media platform started from ZERO just one year ago.

Facebook: 910 page likes (15.8% increase from 777)

Twitter: 8,300 followers (11.9% increase from 7,370)

Pinterest: 1,768  followers (10.6% increase from 1,590 )

Instagram: 2,343 followers (3.8% increase from 2,255 )

Email List: 751 subscribers (35.4% increase from 525 )


What Worked to Grow Our Blog Traffic

Meacham Lake camping in the ADKS

To start off this month “what worked well” section I want to say that we were able to take a week long vacation with ZERO internet service and still have our best month yet. We went camping in the beautiful Adirondack mountains for 9 days. It is great to know we can put our blog on “autopilot” and recharge on a relaxing vacation.

We started using HARO as our way to getting publicity and backlinks on larger websites. It worked because we got featured on Credit Cards, Opp Loans, Homie App, and My Corporation this past month, something we are VERY excited about.

We continue to use Facebook groups to engage and promote our content. We make sure that links are allowed in the group and always ensure we are adding value by creating a good discussion. If you can do this Facebook admins will have no problem with you promoting your content.

Our Pinterest game over our first year of blogging could be labeled as pitiful. For some reason, we just started grasping just how awesome of a platform it is for bloggers. We are continuing to learn how to make beautiful pins so more people are repinning them. One thing we started doing is creating 2-3 pins per article and pinning them all in order to A/B test to see which pin is most effective. Another thing we accomplished was getting into larger group boards. This took time, but we can see a huge difference already.


What Did Not Work to Grow Our Blog Traffic

We bragged about taking a week off, but at the same time, it was difficult the week beforehand. We continue to struggle to get ahead of content even with us both working on the blog over the summer. It was nice to get everything scheduled so we could relax on our vacation.

Not focusing our time and effort into Pinterest our first year held us back quite a bit. We are still very pleased with our traffic but know it could have been significantly more if we used Pinterest more effectively.

The most important thing in blogging is collecting emails and we waited almost 6 months to start doing so. Our list is growing day by day but we missed a lot of readers in our first 6 months. We now use convert kit and have loved everything about it. I would highly suggest making an opt in and start collecting emails immediately when starting a blog.


Blogging Goals for July


We are so excited to see what August has in store for our site! We cannot thank our readers enough for the support and motivation along the way. It’s been an absolutely incredible journey our first year blogging and we are excited for much more to come!

Just wanted to let everyone know that we now offer blog coaching. If you are just getting started and overwhelmed with the process we would love to help. Shoot us an email so we can start growing your blog together.

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How are you growing your blog or small business?