May 2017 Blog Traffic and Social Media Update

Hey $avvy readers! Last month we set out with a goal of finally reaching 5 figure blog traffic. Once again we were able to crush our goal, very exciting! We beat our goal by more than 4,000 page views! This was the first month I (Kelan) started working on the blog full-time and the growth certainly shows. Below we will layout exactly what we did last month to almost double our page views from 8,664 to 15,994.

Increasing your blog traffic can be difficult and frustrating. In our monthly blog traffic update we will walk you through the steps we took to double our blog traffic the last three months.

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May Blog Traffic

Increasing your blog traffic can be difficult and frustrating. In our monthly blog traffic update we will walk you through the steps we took to double our blog traffic the last three months.

Being that we worked on this part-time up until this month we are excited about the overall growth. A few blog traffic reports back we had the goal of 10,000 page views by the end of summer. Well, obviously we have changed that goal. We are now going to shoot for 50,000 page views a month by the end of summer. A lofty goal, but one we think we can achieve with hard work. Don’t forget to sign up to our newsletter so you can follow our journey along the way.

Writing these blog traffic updates have been very beneficial in our growth. They allow us to publish our goals publically so we are held accountable for them (kind of scary).

We also believe it’s important to share our success and failures for others to learn from. Life is MUCH more rewarding when you give back! If you find these helpful please share with others.


Goals from Last Month


May Articles

We had some very popular posts in May that drove a majority of our blog traffic. We again stuck to our weekly blog schedule (Monday, Wednesday, Friday). This strategy has been huge with growing our email list. Consistency is so important with blogging.

We continued to reach out to people who live “unique lives” (RVing, Sailboating, Boondocking). It’s fun to learn about all different types of lifestyles! We will try to get one of these interviews in once a month.

In May we were able to publish thirteen articles to our blog. We were also featured on sites like The Diabetes CouncilRockstar Finance DirectoryZero Day Finance, and The Butler Journal.


Social Media Following

This month we really wanted to focus on Pinterest as we know how valuable it is to bloggers. Once again we dropped the ball with learning about Pinterest. Since I (Kelan) am running the blog full-time I feel most comfortable with Facebook. Once Brittany is done teaching for the year her goal is to learn everything there is to know about Pinterest over the summer.

Facebook groups have still been a big traffic growth hack for us. We are in over 30 Facebook groups and we regularly comment, like, engage within those groups. Once we have an article we think will be beneficial for the group members we will post it in the group. Always make sure you follow the group rules, admins have no problem kicking you if you don’t.

This month we got a fair amount of traffic from Twitter. We have been using Buffer to schedule 10 tweets a day. It’s a pain to have to go in each and every day, but it’s working. We will most likely start tweeting out less than that, but Twitter is a high content social media platform. Tweets last an average of less than a minute so sending out lot’s of tweets is important.

We started submitting our new articles to Stumble Upon and saw some traffic coming from there. Never spread yourself too thin. Pick 1-2 social media platforms to dominate and put the other ones on autopilot.

Facebook: 750 page likes (52% increase from 495)

Twitter: 6,000 followers (35% increase from 4,455)

Pinterest: 1,175 followers (27% increase from 925)

Instagram: 2,220 followers (0.8% increase from 2,202)

Email List: 310 subscribers (75% increase from 177)


What Worked to Grow Our Blog Traffic

Marketing and lots of it! We have gone away from using Buffer to schedule our posts on Facebook. 

We love using HootSuite to engage and interact with your social media followers, especially on Twitter.

Networking has really been HUGE in growing our blogging traffic. We love subscribing to others in our industry of personal finance and reading their blog posts to get inspiration from. Learning is something we really enjoy, so reading others blog posts about personal finance, money, investing, budgeting, retirement, is a no-brainer.

We signed up for 4 blogging courses to help our blog grow. 2 of them (Branding & SEO) were completely free just by networking with other bloggers. We both highly recommend if you plan on starting a blog is to put yourself out there! Start networking right away you will be amazed at how helpful the blogging community really is.

The other course we are currently taking are Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing which is worth every single penny. 


What Did Not Work to Grow Our Blog Traffic

SEO has been a struggle for us. We are slowly getting some organic traffic from Google each day, but not enough. Going to continue to work on SEO as it is critical in really taking off as a blog.

Pinterest is a pain in the butt! For some reason, it’s a huge learning curve for us. We have finally started making decent looking Pins on Canva which should help. We see very little traffic come from Pinterest. Pinterest can be a HUGE traffic driver so we know how important it is to fix this. We are continuing to learn and improve each month. By the end of the summer, we will be masterminds and be able to teach a course on it.

Since we are taking a branding course, we are getting new ideas about branding each and every day. It’s hard to sort through these and make the best decision. We know our logo and site need a significant update, but our branding is slowing us down. Our goal for this blog is to help others get money savvy so they can live a frugal & free life. Basically understanding how money works and how to not let it control your life. Living a fulfilling life on your own terms. With so many ideas going around it’s hard to sort through. Any suggestions? Please leave them in the comments or reach out to us.

Decision making. With owning a business like a blog decisions have to be made on a regular basis. These decisions take time. Being as efficient as possible is important in running a business. At the same time, it’s tough to be efficient when your business relies on your making sound decisions along the way. We always remind ourselves that a decision is almost never a “final” decision. You can always adjust along the way.


Goals for June


Looking forward to what June has in store for our site! We appreciate the support and it motivates us to bring the best content we can to our readers.

FYI for anyone interested we have started offering blog coaching. If you are just getting started and overwhelmed with the process we would love to help.

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How are you growing your blog or small business?