Opinion Outpost Review: The Complete Guide for 2019 (Earn $10+/Hour)

When you’re looking into earning some extra cash, something that will always pop up is answering surveys.

Did you know that you can get paid for answering questions?

There are lots of different survey sites out there, and we are going to look at one in particular in this Opinion Outpost review.

Let’s get started!


What is Opinion Outpost?

Opinion Outpost is a survey site that you can make some extra money on.

Signing up is free (never pay to join a survey site), and you will get emails when there are surveys available.

You will earn points for the surveys that you complete, which you can convert to cash rewards.

Unfortunately, there is not currently an Opinion Outpost app.


How Does Opinion Outpost Work?

All companies want to do market research. An easy way for them to do this is to get people to answer their specific questions and pay them a small fee.

This is where survey sites come in! When you are setting up your account, you will be asked some questions so that they can see which demographic you are in.

For example, they may have specific targets such as 20-year-old women in New York with 2 kids.

You will get surveys based on your demographics, so they can get their correct research.

Every time that you complete a survey on Opinion Outpost you will earn points. These points can be exchanged for Paypal cash, gift cards and more.


How Do I Get Started With Opinion Outpost?

Getting started with Opinion Outpost is really easy!

First, you will need to register with them which you can do here.

opinion outpost login screenopinion outpost login screen

Once you’ve completed that step, you will need to confirm your email – check your junk folder in case it’s gone in there!

Now that you’ve confirmed your email you will be able to start taking surveys.

Opinion Outpost will send you email notifications when there are surveys available, which saves you from having to log in all of the time to check. Just log in and head on over to the Opinion Outpost dashboard.

Before signing up to a survey it will tell you how many points you can earn from it – nice to know upfront before agreeing!

You need a minimum of 30 points (equivalent to $3) to cash out – but if you want to cash out as a Paypal deposit you will need a minimum of 100 points to do that.


How Much Can I Make With Opinion Outpost?

How much you can make with Opinion Outpost depends on how much time you put into entering the surveys.

The more surveys that you take, the more money that you can make from it and get your Opinion Outpost rewards.

When you complete surveys, you are able to earn points which you can convert.

1 point is worth 10 cents, and you need a minimum of 30 points ($3) in order to cash out.

The amount of points that you can get for each survey varies – but it will say before you sign up how much you will get.

You usually get around 5 – 10 points per survey, but this can vary greatly.


Does Opinion Outpost work?

We can confirm that Opinion Outpost does work. It is a legit survey site that pays out cash to its members.

You will be sent an email when there is a survey available, and collect points.

The points that you collect can be converted into Paypal cash or gift cards, and are usually quite short.


What Are Some Tips When Taking Surveys?

You may be wondering why you need tips when you are just answering questions – but there are some things that you can do to be sure you’re getting the most out of it.

The same applies to any other survey site that you are on – make sure that you answer correctly and properly.


How Old Do You Have To Be?

You need to be over 16 years old in order to sign up for an account in your name.

However, they have said that if you are 16 years old or younger then you are able to get your parent or guardian to sign up on your behalf and complete your surveys via them.

Surprising, but handy!


How Much Time Does it Take to Earn Money with Opinion Outpost?

The number of surveys that are available is limited, which means that you won’t be able to just sit down and smash your way through a bunch of them.

When you are trying to earn extra money it helps to have a steady flow, but you can look into other survey sites to use in addition to this one.

If you participate in all of the surveys you can expect to make $7 – $8 per hour, but there aren’t a lot available.

You can earn money straightaway with Opinion Outpost, but you will have to wait until you complete enough surveys to get the points to cash out.


Is Opinion Outpost a Scam?

This is a pretty normal question when looking at survey sites – as there are so many which seem really scammy!

Opinion Outpost is not a scam – you can earn money from this site. However, the question to ask yourself is if it’s worth your time to do?

If you were wondering about the Opinion Outpost BBB – they are not currently accredited with the Better Business Bureau.

Rest assured that this survey site is not a scam, and you can definitely make money from it.


What Are Some Other Great Rewards Programs?


Bearing in mind that Opinion Outpost doesn’t have a constant stream of surveys available, you are probably going to want to look at other great rewards programs.

We will take a look at some of our favorites below:



Sign up: $10 cash-back bonus

Ibotta is one of our favorite apps, as you can get cash back just for buying your everyday items.

Ibotta is a free app which rewards you for shopping for brands that you usually buy.

It’s pretty simple: you open the app, select the item that you will be buying from the store, buy them, and then upload the receipt to the app.

Once this has been processed, you will receive cash back for your purchases.

In order to cash out, you will need to first reach $20 on your account. Don’t forget that if you sign up with our exclusive link then you will get $10 already!



Ebates is another cashback company that we love to use. You can join for free, and use our link to get a $10 bonus for signing up today!

All that you have to do with Ebates is to click onto Ebates, then the retailer that you wish to buy from, then complete your purchase as normal.



Paribus calls themselves “your personal price adjustment agent.” They will find out if you have bought something which then goes down in price.

You know when you buy something that you’ve really wanted, only to see it in the sale a week later?! It’s so frustrating, but this is where Paribus can come in and help.

They scan your emails (yes, you will need to give them access to your emails), and see if they can identify anything that you’ve bought that has gone down in price since your purchase.

If there is a claim for a refund available, they will speak to the retailer on your behalf. Why wouldn’t you want to sign up with Paribus today?


What Are Other Great Ways To Earn Money Online?

Young beautiful female copywriter typing texts and blogs in spacious light office, her workplace, using pc keyboard. Busy woman working.Young beautiful female copywriter typing texts and blogs in spacious light office, her workplace, using pc keyboard. Busy woman working.

When you are looking for ways to make money, it’s hard to know where to start. There are lots of great options out there, and we’ve tested many out for you!

We can now look at the ways of earning extra that we highly recommend:



One of the best places to start with earning extra cash is to look into freelancing. There are lots of companies out there that need extra help, and perhaps they don’t want to take on a full-time employee.


Work From Home Jobs

Companies are now becoming wise to the fact that many of their employees want to work from home.

There are more women in particular now who want to be in the workplace but still stay at home with their kids. Childcare is expensive!

Some examples of work from home jobs include:



We absolutely love blogging – it’s enabled both of us to quit our jobs and earn 6 figures a year!

We don’t want to make out that blogging is super easy though – it’s a business as much as the rest, and a lot of hard work goes into it.

If you want to start a blog, we have a great step-by-step guide on how to do so, and we also have a blogging course available to help you grow a successful blog.

The main ways that people tend to make money from blogging include:



There are other survey sites out there that can earn you some extra money. You can do these surveys in addition to Opinion Outpost too.

We wouldn’t recommend doing surveys all day every day over other money-making methods – they aren’t typically that high paying.

However, if you have some downtime then filling in some quick surveys is a good way to fill the time.

Some of our favorites include:



Do you notice mistakes on menus, when you’re reading books? If so, this could be a great way for you to make money.

You can earn decent money for proofreading – where you will be checking over a piece of work to ensure there are no errors in it.

Many companies hire this out because it is much easier to spot errors in another person’s work than your own.

A good starting rate for a freelance proofreader is $10, but you can increase this as you gain experience and produce good work.

If you are serious about being a proofreader, there is a great course to get you started called Proofread Anywhere.

It is run by Caitlyn Pyle and the course will give you: 40+ lessons in 8 modules, 8 grammar-specific worksheets, bonus-resource guides for all kinds of markets, and 40+ real-life example jobs.


Flipping Items

Our friends Rob and Melissa absolutely smash this – they flip items for profit as their full-time jobs.

Flipping items means that you find something to sell at a low price, and then sell it on for a much higher price.

If you are unsure where to start with this, try and sell some of the items that you don’t use or want in your house. You’ll soon get the selling bug!

Rob and Melissa make 6 figures a year doing this – if you want to find out how, read more here!


Final Thoughts on Opinion Outpost

If you want a legitimate survey site that will pay out at a decent rate, Opinion Outpost is definitely one to try.

It’s handy having that extra cash in your Paypal account, or gift-cards for birthday presents.

We’d recommend not spending a lot of time on here, and using other survey sites in addition.

There are other ways that you can make money online that are worth more of your time and effort, but surveys are great if you have a little window of spare time.

What are your thoughts on Opinion Outpost? Or survey sites in general?