Paribus Review 2019: Is Paribus Safe and Legit or Is It a Scam

Have you ever bought something, only for it to go on sale the following week? So frustrating!

Or how about when a delivery turns up later than it should have done?

But what if I told you that you could get money back, and you won’t even have to do any work – that it will be looked into for you?

This is where Paribus comes in to save the day.

In this in-depth Paribus review, we will show you how you can easily save loads of money by signing up for this free service. 


Paribus at a Glance

Paribus like to call themselves “your personal price adjustment agent” – a bit of a fancy title but sums it up pretty well.

They will find and get money for you when something that you have bought decreases in price.

They do this by scanning your emails to find receipts for your recent purchases, and when they have identified them as such, will monitor them to see if there is any fluctuation in price.


Pros and Cons




What Does Paribus Do?

Price Drops

Retailers are prone to increasing and decreasing their prices without any warning, and you can often find yourself out of pocket if you have made a purchase before it has gone down in price.

Paribus can save you a lot of time and money because they will do the hard work for you in terms of finding out if you have the best price for your purchase after you have completed it.

If you are wondering how Paribus knows the purchases that you have made – this is where they use your email information.

I know it may make some people uneasy to allow a company access to their emails, but they do not access any of your personal emails, only ones which relate to your purchases.

A lot of other companies will look at finding you the best price before you make your purchase, which we obviously 100% recommend doing, but this is where Paribus shines – because they keep looking after it has happened.

If we are honest with ourselves, how many times have we diligently looked whether we have the best price after we’ve purchased something?

I know that I haven’t looked at if the price has dropped on every single purchase I’ve made!

Paribus use email tokens to gain access to your emails without getting your personal information and scan through to find relevant emails.

They will look at the subject line and the sender to make a judgment on whether the email looks like a receipt or not.

They start by looking at the first 30 days of purchases within your emails and will then monitor these to compare price changes.

If they find a claim that can be made, they will speak to the retailer for you and file a claim requesting a refund for you – or provides you with the instructions on how to do it yourself (it depends on the retailer and their refund policies).

When the retailer has accepted the claim (yay!), you will receive the refund back in the format that you paid for the purchase.

Shipping Delays

Often when you order something online, you want it to arrive pretty quickly. It may be a last-minute gift for a birthday or a replacement for something that has broken.

Whatever the reason, you want it to arrive fast, and if it doesn’t that can cause a bunch of potential problems for you.

The most annoying part can be if you paid extra for it to arrive within a specified timeframe.

Whilst Paribus can’t prevent the late delivery, what it can do for you is try to get you a refund on those shipping costs.

Currently, this service is only compatible with:

Hotel Price Drops

Paribus also has Paribus Travel (you will need to be signed up to the main Paribus site to use Paribus Travel).

It works in the same way as the main Paribus, in that they will try and find out if there have been any price changes with any hotel reservations that you have made.

They will look in your emails for any recent reservations that you have made, and then monitor them to see if there are any price changes.

If they find a lower price for you they will contact you to see if you go with the lower price, and then they will go through their partner Priceline to change your booking.

When your hotel is re-booked this way you will get any money that you had to pay upfront e.g. a deposit for the room, refunded back to you (as long as it is within the cancellation period).


How Do I Sign Up for Paribus?

To sign up for Paribus, you will need one of the following email addresses:

Ensure that you have the receipts for your purchases going to the email address that you have set up so that Paribus can check all of your purchases.

If you don’t want to let Paribus have access to all of your emails, you could always set up an email account that is just for your online receipts.

To create your Paribus account, you will need to take the following steps:

Please note that when you sign up, Paribus is not compatible with Internet Explorer. It is compatible with browsers like Chrome, Firefox or Safari, and you can download their iOS app in the Apple Store.


Paribus App

In addition to the website, Paribus also has an app that you are able to download to make it even more convenient for you to use, as you can use it when you are on the go.

You can link the app to the email provider that you use on your phone and let the app do all of the work for you.

The app is available to download on iPhone with iOS 10 or newer.


Who Owns Paribus?

Paribus was acquired in 2016 by Capital One. The best thing about this Paribus Capital One takeover is that Paribus is now completely free for you to use.


Is Paribus Safe?

Yes, it is safe to use. The good thing about it now being owned by Capital One is that you have a trusted name behind it.

Whilst they have access to your emails, they do not need to store your email password because your email provider will grant them a tokenized log in flow to look at your inbox.

If you choose to provide them with your Amazon login details, they will store your username and password in an encrypted format, as Amazon does not currently provide the same tokenized log in flow.


What Stores Does Paribus Work With?

Paribus works with major retailers including:

They also monitor hotel room rates which have been booked through:


How Do You Actually Get Paid?

You will usually get paid in the way that the transaction was carried out in the first place.

The retailer will need to confirm a price adjustment before you get the money sent back to you, and once they have confirmed it you should receive the money back within 3-7 business days, dependent on the retailer.


How Much Does Paribus Cost?

Paribus is 100% free to use with no hidden costs or upsells. They used to charge 25%, but since they have been acquired by Capital One they charge you nothing.

You don’t even need to register a credit card on the site when signing up, so you can rest assured that you don’t need to worry about future potential charges.


How Does Paribus Make Money?

With Paribus Travel, Paribus is paid a small compensation from their partner Priceline when they make a new reservation for you.

This is still free for you to use – the money is paid to them by Priceline.


Other Apps Like Paribus

– Ebates

Ebates is a great site to use in conjunction with Paribus because it can save you money on your online purchases too.

Ebates is a cashback site, which means that if you click through to the retailer from their site first, you can get money back on the things that you buy.

If you have the Ebates app, you can then also use in-store coupons and do price comparisons.

– Trim

Trim isn’t an app, but an artificial intelligence assistant that will look at all of your financial commitments and see if there are any that you can save money on.

It also looks at services which have automatically renewed (usually at a higher fee) that perhaps you aren’t using anymore, to see if they can be canceled.

If they find that they are able to get the bills lower, they will negotiate on your behalf with the company in question to reduce your payments.

– Ibotta

Ibotta is another cashback app that is really simple to use. When you open the app, it will show you the current products that have cashback available.

All you need to do is select the products that you are going to purchase, then you purchase them and upload your receipt to the app. You will then get the cashback amount that was displayed sent to you.


Final Thoughts About Paribus

We like to find ways that you can save money with little effort on your part, and this is the perfect company to do this for you.

There are no hidden surprises when it comes to using Paribus, and as it is free to use and can save you time and money, we have no hesitations in recommending it to you.

It’s one of those things that you can just get set up and forget about while it works away in the background for you.

If you don’t want to hand over your normal email address then you can just set up one specifically for receipt emails and have that linked up to Paribus instead.