The Ultimate 2019 Budgeting Binder That Will Change Your Life

We can’t believe it but, The Budgeting Binder is here!

Over the last several months we have been hard at work at making the most complete, useful, and valuable budgeting binder on the market. 

This binder was created with the tools, tips, and financial organization we used to pay off $25,000 in student loan debt in just 5 months! 

If you have been struggling with money living paycheck to paycheck and are sick and tired of it The Budgeting Binder is for YOU. 


What is The Budgeting Binder? 

The budgeting binder is an incredible tool created to make budgeting your money as simple as possible. 

It’s a printable and digital binder than you can mix and match pages to make the perfect binder that works for you.


Benefits of The Budgeting Binder? 

Budget binders are a great way to organize your finances and get control of your life. Our budgeting binder will help you set goals, track your income, track your expenses, and help you pay off debt! 

Everything you need to manage your money better! Learning how to budget is the most important step on your journey to financial freedom. 


What Supplies do I Need Other Than Buying The Budgeting Binder?

Not much just a simple 1-inch binder from Amazon will do the trick. It never hurts to have some colorful markers and pens either. 



What is Included in The Budgeting Binder?

All of the following pages are included in the binder. Along with lifetime updates to anything we make changes to or add in the future. 


Monthly Budget Template

Simple Monthly Budget Tracker

If you want to give our monthly budget template a try, feel to head over to our shop now and download it. It is a single page from our budgeting binder to give you an idea of exactly what you will get.

But we highly recommend you purchase the entire budgeting binder to give yourself all the tools you need to start budgeting your money correctly and reach your financial goals. 


How to Make The Budgeting Binder?

Simply go through all of the pages included in the binder and write down the pages you want to use. 

Head over to your printer and print out the pages you feel will help the most in starting to budget your money. 

We suggest printing out the entire binder and going through every page to start. 

We purposely created it so each and every page is valuable and meets a need in organizing your finances. 

If you happen to find a page that does not work for your situation just remove it from your binder. 


How do you Use The Budgeting Binder?

Once you purchase the budget planner you will get instructions on how to download it. 

After you download you can turn to page two and read the entire set of instructions on how to use The Budgeting Binder. 

Here they are for reference and to understand exactly what you will be getting. 

1. Cover Page

Print the cover page and place it in the front pocket of your binder.

2. Monthly Goal Tracker

Simple, easy to use place to track your financial goals. Goals could be paying off debt, funding your emergency fund, and investing for retirement.

3. Simple Budget Tracker

Record your income on the right side of the page. Write down your monthly expenses to the best of your knowledge. Compare budgeted expenses vs. actual. Make remaining balance calculation at the end of each month.

4. Monthly Expense Planner

A place to track all of your monthly expenses in one simple easy to see view.

5. Paycheck Budgeting

Another way to monthly budget. Fill out expected income and expenses for each paycheck period. Your expected expenses should be what you plan on paying for with each paycheck. Finish by calculating the difference for each line.

6. Bills Payments Calendar

A place to write down due dates for your bills so you are never late again!

7. Bills Payment Checklist

If a calendar view is not your style this is a simple checklist to write down when your bills are due.

8. Bill Payments Tracker

A combination of both the bill payment calendar and bill payment checklist. Stay on top of your bills for the entire year.

9. Daily Expense Tracker

Record the date of your purchase on the dateline. Record what the expense was and what type of category it would fall under. What method of payment did you use? Cash, credit, or debit card and record the total amount spent in the last box.

10. Medical Expenses

Record the date you got the bill in the first box. Where did you get billed from and what type of service took place? Then place how much the bill is due in the next box. Will the insurance be covering any of it and how much? After insurance, record how much you will need to pay out of pocket and then what the total balance is due.

11. Side Hustle Tracker

As you work on your side hustle each week, record the number hours you spent working and how much you earned per hour to get your total income.

12. Credit Card Info

Record your credit card information so it’s easy to find. You MUST keep this in a very safe place.

13. Debt Payments Tracker

Record the type of debt you are looking to track. Place how much your monthly payment is and how much the interest rate is on that particular debt.

14. Bank Account Info

Record your bank account information. You MUST keep this in a very safe place.

15. Savings Tracker

Print multiple pages if you have more than one savings account. Use this to record your monthly savings for each account.

16. Emergency Fund

Record your weekly deposits into your emergency fund. Record the running total in the last column. Use the progress tracker to shade in your progress. Record any notes in the box.

17. Sinking Funds

Are you looking to put money away for a big ticket item? Under “GOAL” put the item you are looking to save money for. For example, a cruise you want to take. In the next column put the total of how much the cruise is going to cost you. Put the date of when the cruise is in the “DUE DATE” category. In the last column, record how much money you need to save to reach your goal. Simply take the total amount you need to save and divide it by how many months until you need to reach the goal. This will give you the exact number you need to save each month.

18. Retirement Tracker

Whether it is your 401(K) or your IRA, you can use this tracker as a running total as you grow your retirement account. Place the type of account in the description and the total amount from your current paycheck. Keep a running total of the new amount you have in your retirement account. 

19. Donation Tracker

Use to track your donations throughout the year. A good reminder to spread Gods blessing to others.

20. Holiday Tracker

Record the holiday in the upper right-hand corner. Plan out what you need for the holiday occasion and budget out how much you think you are going to spend. Then, go back and record the actual amount you spent under each category.


Is it in Digital and Printable Format? 

Of course! Some people like to print the binder out and use pen and paper while others like to keep it digital and fill it out on their computer. 

No worries we have you covered either way! 


Where Can I Get a Copy of The Budgeting Binder?

Head over to The Savvy Couple Shop and add it to your cart. You will get instructions on how to download The Budgeting Binder and you will be well on your way 

Now is your chance to get your life back under control one dollar at a time. Grab yourself a copy of The Budgeting Binder today!