VIPKID Review: Get Paid to Teach English Online in 2019 (earn $20+/hour)

Have you ever dreamed of the day you can roll out of bed, head into your home office, and make money working from home? Well look no further! If it sounds like you’re ready to join VIPKID apply to become a teacher today!

In this VIPKID review, I will go over everything you need to know about this incredible work from home job opportunity, from answering your questions like “how much does VIPKID pay” to “can I take vacation time?”

VIPKID is the greatest side hustle around! Working for them has completely changed my life. I now get to live out my dream of being a stay at home parent while still making money and contributing to the family.

With well over 1,000 reviews on Glassdoor, and a “would recommend to a friend” rating of 87%, it’s definitely a solid choice for an online teaching job! 

The best part of being a VIPKID teacher is getting to set my own hours and make as much as I choose to.

Legitimate online teaching jobs are not incredibly common, so this was really a great way to expand on my teaching expertise and earn some extra money to help change my situation! 


What is VIPKID?

VIPKID is an online teaching service company. They enable students in China the chance to learn English, using U.S. Common Core Standards, in a 1:1 setting with teachers from North America, via the “VIPKID Portal” (their own video chat portal similar to Skype or FaceTime). 

Most students range in age from 4-12 years old with a variety of English speaking ability.

The pay varies from $14-$22 per hour depending on experience, education, performance, and monthly incentives.

If your thinking this is “too good to be true” I thought the same thing! Until I got hired and made close to $900 my first month! – Kelan from The Savvy Couple

VIPKID in an incredible team of people. The CEO, Cindy, is someone who we hear from as employees. She shares her vision, asks for our feedback continuously, and is grateful for the work of all people in all departments of the company.

We receive a detailed weekly update from the company to unite 20,000+ teachers and help them all share an awareness of the direction the company is going in and what improvements have been made recently.

When you are with a group of VIPKID teachers you won’t sense any competition. It is an incredibly sharing community of people who lift each other up to make sure every student receives the best 25-minute class possible. The company invests in every teacher and provides 1:1 training before they begin.

There are also free online workshops available on topics that we feel we might want to learn more about every single week.

During class, we have a tech support team at our fingertips who can call the family and help with any tech issues that might prevent us from having a smooth class. After class, we can send any concerns to the company and they are always sure to thank us for caring about the students and handle it for us.

As a teacher for VIPKID, I just teach. This company values what I have to offer, applauds my strengths, showers me with gratitude for my hard work, and supports me to make sure I have what I need to deliver the best classes that I can.

I’m sure you have more questions about the specifics of the company and how it all works, so let’s dig in! 


How VIPKID Works

It is, in a nutshell:  a company offering remote jobs to teach English online to Chinese students, via their video chat portal. 

There are no location requirements, so you can apply no matter where you live! All you will really need is a reliable internet connection and a minimum availability (more on that in a minute)! 


What Are VIPKID Hours?

This is the very best part of working for VIPKID – the hours are pretty much entirely up to you! 

They do advise you to be available for about 15 teaching slots per week (7.5 hours or more of availability) and during the peak times in Beijing, China, to be able to have the most classes scheduled possible. Since you don’t necessarily always teach the same student every day/week, the more flexible you can be to fitting in classes the better your pay can be. There are no “shift” requirements, but as mentioned your availability directly impacts your chances of success. 

The VIPKID peak hours (to match the timing in China) tend to be Monday-Friday 6-10pm and weekends 9am-10pm, in Beijing time. Availability during these hours will increase the likelihood of filling up all your class slots! 


How Long Are VIPKID Classes? 

Each class slot that they ask you to be available for is approximately 25 minutes long, but they request you be available for a full 30 minutes to be able to offer comments when the class is done. 

Use the 30-minute block length to plan your work schedule with them accordingly. 


Who Does VIPKID Hire?

Having a 4-year degree is a requirement to become a VIPKID teacher. If you don’t have a degree you there are plenty of others ways to start making money online

Teaching experience is also very important on your online application. Don’t fret though – it does not specifically have to be “classroom teaching experience.”  Your experience can range from coaching, tutoring, mentoring, swimming lessons, teaching religious education courses, etc. Get creative and list all experience as teaching experience.

Along with the educational background, they are looking for high energy, fun, and exciting teachers to teach.

Lastly, make sure you have a good internet connection, webcam, and quiet space set up.


Requirements To Become A VIPKID Teacher?

The VIPKID requirements for teachers are those minimum criteria mentioned above, plus the willingness to sign a 6-month contract commitment. They prefer this contract length to ensure that they don’t have unfilled slots for their students and have less frequent turnover. 

If you’re only interested in or can only definitely commit to a few months (less than 6), then this likely wouldn’t be your best avenue for making some side income

We will discuss more of the specifics of how to be hired, including the application process, below in the “How Do I Get Started…” section. 


What Advantages Does VIPKID Offer In My Life? 

Thinking this is starting to sound like your potential dream job? Answer these questions and see!

Do you want to be a stay-at-home parent?

VIPKID can give you the opportunity to make some money in the early morning before your kids are awake and your spouse leaves for work, or in the later evening after the kids are in bed.

Do you want to work extra hours on the weekend to supplement your current income, pay down debt, and reach your goals more quickly?

VIPKID is a rewarding (and easy) way to do so!

Do you want to travel the world and take your job with you on the go?

VIPKID is an entirely location-independent job — all you really need is your computer and a reliable internet connection!

Do you want to increase your income but worry you don’t have enough time to commit or a consistent enough schedule?

The number of hours you work is entirely up to you, and the scheduling is too!

Do you want to have the flexibility to make your own schedule….working a lot when life is calm and backing off your hours when you want to focus your strength elsewhere in life?

By working for VIPKID, it’s as if you’re working for yourself — you design the schedule that YOU want to work, not the one that your boss forces you to stick to. 

If you answered yes to any of the following questions VIPKID is your answer! 


How Do I Get Started as a VIPKID Teacher? 

You can start the process to sign up with VIPKID here. 

The hiring process can be broken down into four (maybe five) simple steps:

After you apply, you will be connected to a current teacher in the program. They will help you every step of the way as you interview and be there as a resource to you as you teach your first few classes.

In the first 10-minute interview you will connect with a current VIPKID employee via webcam. This interview is designed to be a “first impression” interview. Be confident, upbeat, and ready to talk about your education and experience. This is the step they will decide what pay rate to start you at so own it!

After your interview is complete you will move onto the training prep and quiz. The training takes a few hours and the quiz is very simple if you take the training seriously.

Lastly, you will take what you learned in the training and perform a “mock class” with a current VIPKID teacher. This is basically a dry run to make sure you are capable of teaching students 1 on 1.

If you struggle in your first mock class you get a second chance in your mock class #2.

Once you pass your mock class you’re hired, CONGRATS! It’s the most incredible feeling in the world. They will send you an email with your contract to sign and instructions to set up direct deposit.

The process may seem overwhelming and difficult but most people can complete it within a weeks time and go at their own pace. VIPKID wants to hire you and have you become a successful teacher!


Do I Need to Prep Outside Of Class Time?

The curriculum is provided to you. You teach the 25-minute lesson, leave some feedback for the family, leave some feedback for the next teacher, and you are finished.

There is very little prep work which was very refreshing to me as a classroom teacher. It is a special time practicing conversation with one student. It is a break from my fast-paced multi-tasking mom world. It is 25 minutes where my only job is making the student’s next 25 minutes the very best they can possibly be.


How Much Can You Make As A VIPKID Teacher?

The company pays between $7-$13 per 25-minute class ($14-$26 an hour). That range depends on your experience, your performance in your interview (where you deliver a short teaching sample), how many classes you teach in a month, and some other similar types of incentives.

VIPKID takes care of their teachers! Each month there are challenges, incentives, and bonuses that keep us teachers excited and motivated to teach. There is also an incredible community of VIPKID teachers!

I have known some teachers that make upwards of $5,000 a month being a VIPKID teacher!


How And When Are VIPKID Teachers Paid?

Important to note up front:  once you are hired on as a VIPKID teacher, you are considered an “independent contractor” for tax purposes. This means that out of your paycheck from VIPKID taxes will not be withheld. It is entirely up to you to make sure to withhold taxes and other costs/expenses from your paycheck on your own! 

Payments are via direct deposit into the bank account of your choosing, between the 10th and 15th of the month (per the VIPKID FAQ page) so you’ll have your money immediately after it’s paid out! 


Can I Get A VIPKID Pay Raise?


You’ll be at your set pay rate for your first contract with them. At the time of renewing that contract (assuming you are going to), you’ll be evaluated for a pay raise, although there is no guarantee of a raise happening. 


What is a VIPKID Teacher’s Schedule Like?

This is the best part about VIPKID. You may teach as many or as few classes as you wish in a given week – you are in charge of your own schedule

You simply open your teachers portal a week in advance and select which times you would like to be scheduled to teach. Parents go in on Sunday nights and select teachers based on their performance, schedule, and profile appearance.

Below, you’ll see an actual VIPKID hours chart from one of their teachers. The red shows the VIPKID peak hours in this person’s time zone (as opposed to the Beijing local time), allowing them to build their ideal VIPKID schedule around the easiest times to get bookings.  

It’s also worth noting that you CAN take “vacation time” as a VIPKID teacher, but the difference between this a traditional (corporate) job is that VIPKID vacation time simply means a break in your availability. They do request 2 weeks advance notice of any break you intend to take from teaching. 


What Are The VIPKID Technology Requirements?

The final piece to this side hustle puzzle is ensuring a sufficient internet connection and equipment. 

Currently, they recommend a speed of a minimum 20Mbps, with hard ethernet connection recommended (as opposed to a WiFi connection). 

Their FAQ page does indicate that either a PC or a Mac can be used, desktop or laptop, but the only tablet device currently listed is a Surface device (sorry, no iPads, cell phones, or TVs with webcams!). 

You also will need an HD webcam and a headset to conduct your lessons. 


Pros vs. Cons of VIPKID


My VIPKID Review & Experience

I started teaching for VIPKID when I was a full-time middle school music teacher. I would teach from 9-11 on Friday and Saturday nights and from 7-10 on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

I would make an extra $1,000 a month. It was a special little escape from the real world, a chance to connect 1:1 with another person across the globe, and I left each session feeling successful and energized.

It is a side hustle, but it is one of the best online teaching jobs you can find. I never expected to enjoy it as much as I did or for those short bursts of time to add up quickly to very real amounts of money. But if you are up to the challenge of and are willing to teach English online and get paid for it, then this is definitely the side hustle for you! 

Working full-time and taking care of two small children, there were not really many second jobs that would fit my lifestyle. I really could not commit to regular hours every week. But could I find 25 minutes here are there to monetize? I could, and I think most people can.

Janice Cook has been teaching with VIPKID for serval years now and still absolutely loves it! She is very passionate about introducing others to this life-changing side-hustle. She also runs an incredible teachers pay teachers shop

If you like the idea of becoming a VIPKID teacher you start your application now! The sooner you get started, the faster you get to start making money from home. Not only will you start making $14-$22 per hour but you will start making REAL difference in these students lives!